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Building Your Soulful Tribe

When I’m holding space for someone they have my 100% undivided attention, and as a channeler and healer, this is non-negotiable.

But as coaches (and human beings! 😉 we only have a limited amount of time and energy for one on one work. I learned this the hard way, feeling like I had to say “yes” and help everyoneall the time.

I was lucky, because my manifesting game was strong – and I booked up quickly. But it also gifted me a steep learning curve around boundaries, listening to my intuition, and better understanding my own needs.

I soon realized that if I wanted to continue helping people, while showing up as 100% authentically myself, then I had to change the way I was doing things.

And this meant saying “no” sometimes.

I decided that saying yes to the Universe / God was central to my way of showing up. I accepted that this was where I received all my power, and that if I was going to be able to continue channelling my gifts from Source, then I had to start rearranging my outer world to better reflect my inner one.

No more saying “yes” to new clients when I felt I was at my own energetic capacity. No more flaky boundaries. No more putting Meg’s needs after the needs of the people I was called to serve.

It was hard at first, and my ego threw a few tantrums! But I kept circling back to my guides, re-connecting with Source, and meditating on my own personal mission – with an inner agreement to put that before anything else.

So what does this look like?

I now have a waitlist of clients who I’m super excited to serve, and know that I can show up fully and be at my very best for.

I now have the time and energy to raise my focus from the trenches and look towards the horizon of my dreams.

I’m now able to take daily inspired actions which serve my higher purpose, instead of rushing from one thing to the next while feeling like I wasn’t getting anything done.

However, I still wanted to find a way to support people, even if I my one to one spots were all booked out.

So I asked Source, and it answered..

Introducing my Soulful Leaders + Lightworkers Facebook Group.

I won’t go into the details of my particular little home of love and light on Facebook – you can check that out for yourself here.

Instead I wanted to take you through the steps that I took to create it, and if it resonates, to help you do the same.

So! Here are some questions to ask yourself when creating your own soulful Facebook Group..

1. What is your collective tribal identity?

All tribes, clans and circles have an in-group identity. And this identity is often so strong, that it creates a magnetism that draws people in from the most unlikely of places.

Your people are out there.. and to attract your true tribe, you need to show up as 100% unapologetically you. You need to stand in your weirdness with open arms, and say “Hey!.. We’ve got you!”.

The first step is showing up as you truly are.. not a version of yourself who you think you should be – but who you really are inside.

The second step is to really feel into the heart of what makes you unique, and to identify the overlapping areas that make your people – your people.

  • What are the 10 things that make you, your business, and your message unique?
  • What 10 traits do you have in common with your ideal soul tribe?
  • How can you distill this into one line that captures your collective tribal identity?

2. How can you make it a safe space?

Your Facebook group is your safe space. It’s a place where likeminded people can come together and share their deepest fears (and biggest wins!), and to do this it needs to be a vulnerability safe zone.

You can’t create change if you can’t cultivate difficult conversations, and so creating a safe and supporting space is vital.

Firstly, this can be laid out by creating a simple set of rules and guidelines for the group, and setting this as a pinned post. Everyone knows where they stand, what’s acceptable, what’s not, and what they can expect from the space.

Secondly, it’s super important to moderate the group, which just means dipping in and out each day to read through conversations and make sure everyone’s having a great time.

It’s like being the host of a party.. you want to make sure everyone feels comfortable, that their drinks are topped up, and that they feel at home.

3. What conversations do you want to cultivate?

Your Facebook group is a beautiful container for magical things. You’ve attracted the perfect people, with overlapping core beliefs and interests, they feel safe and supported to share and speak their truth.. And now you’ll want to cultivate conversations that matter.

This is your space to share ideas, posts, pictures and links that open up the channels for connection. So go wild, and don’t hold back! Be fearless in your message. This isn’t a place to be wishy washy or to try and fit in. This is your safe space first and foremost – so stand out and be bold in what you do.

  • What’s not being said in your niche that needs to be said?
  • What are people scared to face or own up to?
  • What brought people to join your group?
  • What are the ‘why’s’ that drive your work, and how do they cross over with those of your tribe?

Ask your fellow members questions.. get to know them.. they are your teachers too!

4. How can you increase the flow of energy to your group?

Lastly, and by no means least, you’ll want to create a fresh flow of energy to your Facebook group. I make sure to sprinkle invitations to my inner circle throughout all of my messaging, whether that’s my social media, blogs, website, newsletters, email signature, and even business cards.

It’s a beautiful space that you’ve created.. so share it with the world. And enjoy! Because it’s as much for you as it is for everyone else 🙂

If you’d like a place you can meet your soul sisters and fill up on good vibes, then please join me in my special corner of Facebook over in my Soulful Leaders + Lightworkers group.

I can’t wait to connect with you! 🙂

Stop Staying Small for Fear of What Others Might Say

So often we keep ourselves small because of our fears around what others might say.

“What if I say something that people don’t like?”

“What if they reject me?”

“What if they’re mean?”

“What if they say something unkind?”

When we start stepping into our true power and owning who we are, these questions will come up. They always do. And it’s something to celebrate.. because it means we’re growing.

But when someone does reject us.. if they’re mean, or say something unkind. It can be really tough while we’re first cracking out of our shells into the light.

I use to suffer deeply with these fears. And something happened recently that I’d like to share with you.

Last week I posted a video about stepping into my truth and claiming my power as a healer. It was a no holding back outpour of my heart, where I was truly showing up and being vulnerable.

You guys were so amazing.. You sent so many beautiful comments, and I appreciate them so much.

Then a little later someone posted a comment that said “don’t care”.

Many moons ago I would have read this comment, and I would have been crushed. 

I would have thought oh my gosh, should I take the video down?

I would have focused on this one negative (not really significant comment), and started questioning wether me speaking my truth and being vulnerable was the right thing to do.

I would have allowed somebody else’s opinion to shatter my truth.

But these days, after a lot of my own inner work, I feel differently.

There’s always room for an informed conversation. It’s OK if someone doesn’t agree with your opinions and wants to have an engaged, open hearted discussion around it. I’m by no means advocating that we should delete or block everyone that disagrees with us.

Protecting Your Energy

However. What I am encouraging you to do, is to protect your energy.

If someone comes into your personal space with a negative comment, that in no way shape or form;

Helps to facilitate a conversation

Allows for an expansion of consciousness

Or gives room for two different opinions

If that person’s comment is simply nasty or ugly.

Then delete it.

And if it feels necessary – block them.

You are the creator and protector of your space and energy. And it’s your choice whether or not you want to engage with people who are coming from a different vibration.

It’s also your choice if you want to engage with people who are speaking through the lens of fear. And your choice if you want to entertain their fears in an attempt to to expand consciousness.

However, it’s also your choice to protect your space and energy from vibrations that simply don’t resonate, or are disrespectful to your intention of openness and vulnerability.

If this happens to you I truly suggest (if you’re able).. to take some time, sit with the comment, and ask;

“Will diving deep into this comment and responding support the highest good, or is it in my benefit and the benefit of my community to remove this energy and release it”. 

You are a beautiful being of light. Do not let someone else’s negative comment stop you from speaking your truth.

There are one hundred times more people who are open to receive the message that you have been sent here to give. One hundred times more people that are open to your vulnerability..

Because when you share your truth, it may trigger a response in them, helping them to recognize new things and have a deeper sense of awareness.

There’s no need for anyone to stay small or shrink for fear of others rejecting their message. And the people that may reject you from time to time? They’re not your people. It may be that they’re not ready to receive your message, or that they simply don’t resonate at all. 

If they don’t care (and actually take the time to tell you they don’t care) – then they have no place in your community.

Again, I’m not advocating that we disengage from comments that might be challenging..

But you don’t have to go there with every single person that pops up with a negative comment. They don’t know you. And there is nothing that they could ever say that could dim your light.

You’re Not The Only One…

So my darlings.. I just wanted to share that with you, and let you know that it happens to me every once in a while.

What’s important is that we show up with love..

We show up with vulnerability..

We show up with heart..

We show up with soul..

That this may not resonate with everyone – and that’s OK!

I’m still going to continue being me and sharing my message, because I know there are people out there who want to hear it and can benefit.

I’m not shrinking for the people who “don’t care”, because my message obviously isn’t for them. And that’s OK.

This goes out to all my soul sisters and brothers sharing their light and their truth.

Keep showing up for you..

Keep showing up for Source..

Keep showing up for each other..

The world needs your light. And we are so profoundly grateful for you!!

My 9th Chakra Awakening

I often get asked if there was a pivotal moment in my life that sparked my spiritual awakening. And the answer is always an emphatic “Yes!”.

At the time I was already doing a lot of inner work. I’d begun facing and dismantling my limiting beliefs.

Things like “I am not enough” – wow, that was a big one for me!

I’d also started healing long term chronic health problems that had plagued me for years.. migraines, acne, mild depression.

I was waking up to the power I had over my health simply through the foods that I ate, and I had started truly living by the tenant as above so below. Very soon after this subtle inner shift, my symptoms started disappearing, and for the first time in years I started feeling truly free.

I no longer felt powerless.

I no longer felt less than.

Without even meaning to, I began stepping into my true power, and was fast becoming the cause of my own reality.

I truly believe that this inner transformation was the catalyst for the spiritual awakening that was to come.

Had I not been doing the work, the message may not have resonated or it may not have taken root in my consciousness. But I was, and it did.

This is why I am so passionate about helping people to cultivate their inner worlds – because that is the gateway to even bigger awakenings.

My Spiritual Awakening

So.. the pivotal moment that changed everything..

One night, in the midst of all this inner work, I had a dream. I don’t remember what happened, but suddenly *BAM*, I was sitting bolt upright in my bed.. it was as if a lightening rod  flashed through me and here I was.. alert, heart pounding, and fully conscious.

Then a voice started speaking to me. It wasn’t an ethereal dream like voice. It was as if someone was sitting right next to me, talking to me as you would a friend.

It was a mans voice. Solid, grounded, sweet, and very nurturing. And he was saying;

You must discover your 9th chakra

You must discover your 9th chakra

You must discover your 9th chakra

Over and over again.

Then suddenly I woke up. Both literally and figuratively! 😉

At the time I didn’t really know much about chakras, and I certainly hadn’t heard of the 9th chakra. So that morning I started doing some research.

I read through everything I could find on the chakra system.. I learned about the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, throat, third eye, and crown.. but there was no mention of a 9th chakra.

After talking to a few people, I found a text discussing the elusive 9th.. and discovered not only that the 9th chakra existed – but that it was in fact the seat of the soul.

Mind blown.

The 9th chakra allows us access to our soul’s code or higher purpose, it’s the door to archetypal energies that help to shape our destiny.

It has access to our karmic blueprint and Akashic records, as well as all the skills and lessons that we have learned across all lifetimes.

It’s like our cosmic, soul level archetype.

Our 9th chakra is how our soul manifests it’s gifts into the world of matter so that we can live our purpose, and be of service to others.

It was then that I realized I was being called to wake up to my souls purpose.

Not my human purpose – not a job title or a role.

But the essence of who I AM.

Not Meghan Sylvester.

But my Soul that had been here many many times before.

Learning Who I Really Am

I was being woken up to discover the essence of who I really am.

It was as if my inner programming had been tweaked or shifted somehow. I suddenly felt totally aligned with Source, and I felt guided by a strong desire and knowingness to live my souls essence.

I became a magnet for people, practices, and places that matched this awakened state in me, and everything started flowing at an abundant and accelerated rate.

I suddenly knew, deep in my bones, what I was here to do.

I am here to help people awaken their 9th chakra.

I am here to help people discover their essence and truth. Not just in this lifetime, but across all lifetimes. To really dig deep beyond the fears and to recognize our connection to infinity and to divine universal intelligence.

The next day I took a nap (and I never take naps in the middle of the day), then I woke up to feet shuffling in the room and lots of voices.

They were saying:

She’s waking up, she’s waking up

She knows that we’re here, she knows that we’re here

And I just knew that these were all of my guides, my angels, my ancestors.. all gathering around me in the room..

From that moment on I learned their names and have been calling on them ever since. There are some times when I forget to call on the guidance of my team, but I always come back to them.

This was the experience which changed everything, and it’s a huge part of my why.

Why I’m here.. and what my soul’s purpose is.

Why I do the work I do.

If you feel called to awaken your 9th chakra I want to hear from you!

Please comment below, or reach out to learn more about my spiritual programs and retreats.

The Trap of Putting Others Down to Build Yourself Up

Putting others down to build yourself up.. it’s the kind of thing we recoil at when we see people doing it – but if we’re honest with ourselves it’s something we’ve all done (and perhaps even do).

We don’t do it because we’re terrible people.

We’re not bad. We’re not broken.

In fact behaviors like this often stem from low self esteem and disconnection from our true path and purpose.

We don’t do it because we have all the answers – we do it because we’re lost.

However, over the years I’ve noticed a pattern. And there’s something at the root of this tendency that everyone has.

Why do we really put down others to build people up?

It all stems from the scarcity mindset.

When we have an abundant mindset there’s enough love, friendship, clients, money, and resources for everyone. No one is left out. And if we haven’t yet received our desires in the physical plane, then we know it’s not anyone else’s fault.

The abundant mindset accepts that we create our own reality, and that the degree to which we’re able to receive the limitless abundance all around us, is the degree to which we accept it as our sole reality.

The abundant mindset is free of outward conditions. It understands that our world is created from the inside out.

The scarcity mindset works in the opposite way.

It believes that there are only a limited number of resources.. that there’s not enough love, friends, clients, or money to go around. And so one must fight and compete with others to try and gain the upper hand.

The scarcity mindset accepts it outward reality and conditions as Truth, and feels helpless to change them.

The scarcity mindset is orphaned from its connection to Source, and therefore cut off from the river of abundance flowing all around us.

Without this connection to Source and abundance (which is our lifeblood), the scarcity mindset turns on the people around it.

It refuses to receive the natural abundance that is it’s birthright, and so it tries to steal this abundance from others.

This is the mindset that puts other women down instead of lifting them up.

The mindset that makes everyone else the source of their ‘lack’.

And it’s one of the most common mindsets I come across as a Spiritual Coach.

It’s not about judging ourselves for experiencing this mindset from time to time. If your internal game isn’t strong, then it’s something that can creep in.

Instead, I prefer to focus on how we can transform this scarcity mindset, and help others to do the same. As long as we stay aware, keep learning and taking responsibility for our worlds, then we’re getting somewhere.

So.. how can we transform the behavior of putting others down to build ourselves up – to a place of lifting others and rising with them?

1. Daily Connection to Source

When we’re in the scarcity mindset it’s primarily because we’ve lost our connection to Source. We feel orphaned and abandoned by life – cut off from the flow that is the true source of our abundance.

Like any relationship, this connection needs to be cultivated. And that means giving a little (or a lot!) of our time and attention to it each day.

This can be done in all kinds of creative ways.. from journaling, to meditation, to prayer.. even dancing, singing, or painting! All you need is an openness to Spirit and a heart of gratitude.

The abundant mindset has a steadfast, unwavering connection to Source.

2. Radical Responsibility for our Reality

The scarcity mindset sees the source of it’s problems as something outside itself. It’s the voice telling us “It’s my boss that’s wrong.. my partners fault.. the market is saturated.. my friends don’t understand me”.

It blames everything outside of itself for its physical reality.

However, as we know, the Universe doesn’t work this way. WE are the source of our reality, and if we experience lack in our work, or relationships, or abundance, then the cause is within us. We understand that there’s something inside of us that we need to build, transform, or let go of. And this is incredible empowering!

The abundant mindset takes radical responsibility for it’s reality.

3. Realizing that My Truth isn’t the Only Truth

Oh, our beloved ego. So beautiful and yet so pesky sometimes!

The scarcity mindset, cut off from source, and blaming everything ‘negative’ outside of itself, also thinks that it’s reality is the only reality.

It judges other people by it’s own personal beliefs, and erroneously believes that everyone wants the same thing. That everyone want’s what IT wants, and so everyone’s in competition.

If I’ve learned anything as a Spiritual Coach, it’s that (when we’re true to ourselves) everyone wants quite different things. My first class life is very different from your first class life, and that is what makes the world so beautiful and diverse.

As the old saying goes, there are many paths to truth.. and ours is but one.

The abundant mindset understands this. And in doing so, it releases itself from judgment, and accepts and appreciates everyone for where they are right now. It seeks to support other people’s truth, in the knowledge that it makes all of us stronger.

So, if you ever find yourself slipping into the mindset that puts others down to build yourself up – it’s OK! You’re not a terrible person.. just cultivate awareness around this behavior, and follow these simple steps to move into a more abundant way of being.

Without even trying you’ll feel the old symptom of scarcity disappear, and you’ll soon be lifting everyone else up, and celebrating their wins with them 🙂

This goes out to all our sister, lifting, loving, and supporting each other in our journey’s.


The Biggest Meditation Myth

I’ve spoken to many people about meditation over the years, during my 1-to-1’s, retreats and workshops, and there seems to be a running meditation myth out there, that’s holding people back from beginning their practice.

We tend to view meditation as this perfect state of no thought, or of monks sitting on mountaintops for hours at a time in total bliss. No mind, no questions, no thoughts, no body.. just their consciousness connected with the All. Ultimate union.

While this may be the experience of some long term practitioners, this is certainly not the experience when we begin.

There are also many styles of meditation.. some where you approach Source with a question and seek inspiration. Others where you may use colors and shapes to move or transmute energy, or even devotional meditations seeking revelation.

It’s not something you can compare to anyone else.. there’s thousands of different techniques to choose from.. and there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to go about it.

However.. there is a myth out there, that I see coming up time and time again.. that stops people in their tracks before they can even begin.

The Big Meditation Myth

This myth is the idea that meditation is about stopping our thoughts. And it is so damaging.

We all know the drill..

We’ve heard all of the benefits of meditation, we know in our bones that it will really help us with our x y and z.. we resist it for days, weeks and months (because let’s face it, sitting alone in silence for 10 mins can be scary!), then when we finally do it..

The thoughts come.

Big thoughts, little thoughts, mean thoughts from a playground 20+ years ago, happy thoughts, sad thoughts, thoughts you try to block out but obviously still simmer there right under the surface.

It can be quite a shock!

All while we sit there, fighting the thoughts that come up, and struggling with all our might to stop the mind, stop the thoughts, stop the flow..

Until we’re so exhausted that our 10 minutes of ‘calming’ meditation becomes an ordeal we never want to revisit, and so we don’t. Some people give up on the spot, deciding meditation isn’t for them, others strive on for a few weeks or months before burning out and feeling more frazzled than ever.

And all because of this pesky myth going around; that meditation is about stopping our thoughts.

Well. Fairy Godmother Meg is here to say.. you don’t have to stop your thoughts AT ALL! This is not what meditation is about, and here’s my take on it..

We are all human beings, and therefore we think. We have a stream of thoughts flowing through us like a river, flowing constantly. There are leaves and rocks floating along in our river, and these are our thoughts.

As we are meditating we’re not trying to stop the flow of the river.. this is near impossible (especially when we’re just starting out). And there’s no need to try and stop the flow of consciousness. This would be like trying to hold back Niagara Falls with an umbrella. All we want to do is try to become aware of our thoughts.

When we see a thought floating by, instead of getting sucked into it, we want to try and look at it with detachment. We may notice how big or small it is, how it makes us feel in our body, what emotions it’s hooked to.. and how much attention it’s trying to get from us.

Then we can make the choice of whether we want to pick it up, or let it keep flowing without getting involved.

It’s hard not to think. But during meditation we allow ourselves to shift into the observer state, and this is the muscle that we want to develop.

When we observe a thought, we’re not at the mercy of it. We’re not ruled by it. Instead we’re at a distance where we can become curious.. we can ask ourselves why this thought or story has come up. We are in an empowered mindset.

When we get this, it means we are no longer controlled by them.

What Meditation Really Is

Meditation is not about attaining a perfectly stilled mind. It’s about becoming so free from our mind, so that we feel still – no matter what thoughts are floating by.

In this way, meditation can be a really powerful tool, even when we have a lot of thoughts. Then slowly, as we practice, the thoughts will get smaller and quieten down because we’re not giving them so much of our attention.

What we feed with our attention grows.. and it takes time to untangle a lifetime of being hooked by our thoughts. This is perfectly normal. Don’t feel the pressure to all of a sudden sit down and shut off your mind.

Remember, meditation is your practice – there are lots of different styles of meditation, and once you learn this fundamental trick you can find which one is right for you.. and flourish at it!

So if you’ve been trying to switch off your thoughts, and have failed – then try again with this river method.

Even after a few sessions you’ll be able to better choose which thoughts you want to associate with in meditation – and throughout your day!! It is a phenomenal experience.

If you could use some extra support on your meditation journey, please feel free to download my guided meditations, or get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Is the Universe Calling you to your Soul’s Purpose?

As a spiritual coach I believe that everyone is born with a unique gift to share with the world. Like a small seed, that given enough nourishment, has the power to grow into a mighty oak tree.

This gift or seed, is our purpose. And this is what I help people to find.

It sounds simple enough, but so many of us are born into less than ideal circumstances. We inherit patterns that dull our glow, and dirty the window through which we can see our gifts. We end up lost and forlorn, seeking outwards that one thing which we can only find in ourselves.

Through my work I’ve developed a treasure trove of transformational protocols and healings to help people wake up to their purpose.. but a question I get asked time and time again is “how do I know I’m on the right path?”..

This can be such a scary question for people, because as lightworkers we tend to feel an urgency to help lift the world around us, and the thought of wasting “even more” time can feel unbearable.

So it’s an important question.

3 Ways To Know You’re On The Right Path

  1. It’s far better to walk in the right direction than run in the wrong one. Yep! Been there, done that!..
    Now I feel it’s much better to take it slow and move from a place of intuition and authenticity, rather than run down every path I come across ‘just in case’ I’m missing out on anything. The running mentality comes from a place of fear, but we want to stay in our strength and power, which means only taking small inspired actions when we feel called to.
  2. Everything happens in divine timing. Which means surrender and patience are two of our greatest allies on the journey to discovering our gifts.
  3. The Universe speaks to us all time, giving us ideas, support and sustenance for our journey. All we have to do is open ourselves up to seeing it.

This third part is what I’d like to talk about today… the signs that the Universe speaks to us in. And they are all around us.. literally all the time.

However! Just because they’re there, it doesn’t mean we can always see them.

How the Universe Speaks to Us

You see, the Universe speaks in a very different language than we do. As embodied beings, we’re anchored in the world of cause and effect. Which means we take an action, then something happens, and we see the link between the two events. We can make sense of it.

But the Universe doesn’t work like this. It’s outside of time, and so everything exists in the perfect now – ready and waiting for us to resonate at the ‘right’ frequency and see it.

The Universe / God / Love / Light  is ever present, ready for our awakening. But it is through our awareness that it becomes manifest.

In other words, all of our dreams, desires, and our innate purpose, exist for us in a perfect state at all times. But we have to meet the Universe halfway. We have to become aware of it, for it to manifest. And lucky for us we can cultivate this awareness through the daily practice of following the synchronicities.

The Art of Cultivating Synchronicity

The concept of synchronicity was first termed by Carl Jung (the grandfather of archetypes and the unconscious collective mind). He coined it to describe the occurrence of two events happening together, that seem significant, but can’t be described in our normal language of cause and effect.

For example, a dearly loved one passes away and everywhere you go you find white feathers in your path. Or you have a big life aha moment and suddenly start seeing 11.11 twice a day on your clock. Or you’re going through a hard time at work and suddenly 3’s start appearing in the most unlikely of places..

When we experience synchronicity it means that we have broken through the level of cause and effect, and are vibrating closer to the Universal pulse of creation. That whatever we’re doing, we are on the right path, and that we have the support of elevated beings on our side.

We’ve all experienced this from time to time, but what do they mean, and how can we get closer to this frequency?

The Meaning of Signs

The internet abounds with labeling specific signs with specific meanings.. 444’s advising you to quit your job, and 555’s to never sneeze on a Tuesday..

OK I’m totally joking! 🙂 And no offense at all intended!

But what I’m getting at, is we have two choices with these signs. We can either give our power away to other people’s experience of the divine and believe that as the only truth, or we can cultivate our own personal experience with Spirit and discover what it means specifically for us.

I may be a bit out of the mainstream here, but I believe the Universe speaks to each of us in a supremely personal and individual language. Yes there may be crossovers and patterns in our collective consciousness, but for each of us certain numbers or objects hold very unique meanings, and so trusting our intuition and personal experience is key.

When I receive a sign I celebrate, knowing that I’m on the right path, and that the Universe has a special message for me. I take it as a signal to open up my meditation or prayer time to connect with Source and ask what is seeking to come through.

Sometimes it’s a very clear message to take a specific action or go down a certain path. Other times it’s a message of compassion and love, telling me I’m doing OK and that Love and Light is on my side.

The beauty is that the more I tune in to hear the message, the more the signs flood in!

Sometimes there are so many that I can’t help but laugh! Feeling like I’m inside this magical cosmic world where everything is humming with life and even the feathers and stones are speaking!

And this is the deepest joy… that with practice it can help us develop a personal relationship with Source. With practice we begin to see, feel and hear Its messages everyday.

All without the need for Google! *happy dance* 🙂

How can we get closer to this frequency?

It’s simple. We just need to make ourselves available to it.

I like to think of Spirit as a best friend. If they keep knocking at your door but you don’t answer, they’re going to try and sneak in the back door.

(Either way the love will pour in – you just may not notice it!)

But if you keep answering the call to the Universe and inviting it in, it will communicate more often, and your relationship will become stronger and stronger, until you feel it as a tangible presence in your life.

This is the frequency from which magic and miracles are made, and where I like to spend most of my time these days!

Want some help tapping into the vibration of love and light? Feel free to check out my retreats, where I’ll be sharing all the secrets to a truly magical life.

The Danger of a Good Vibes Only Mentality

I see a lot of people in the coaching community focusing on a good vibes only approach. While this is great (we all need affirmations, and positive mindsets).. it’s only half of the picture. And when we deny the other side of life, it can come out in some pretty scary ways.

The fact is, we live in a world of duality. We see this in the turn of the planets giving us both night and day, in chemistry which offers us acids and alkaline, in the polarities of the masculine and feminine.. and pretty much everywhere else we look.

There are always two sides of the spectrum, and it’s everything that happens in-between that gives life it’s color.

We seem to accept this on a physical level, but when we talk of spirituality, manifesting, or inner work, there’s a tendency for people to want to deny the shadow side. Unfortunately this can make us run into problems..

I’ve had so many clients come to me with issues that stem from this unbalanced way of thinking. They’d worked with coaches that told them to focus only on the good vibes, and to brush over any ‘negatives’ or shadows that wanted to come up. 

This can be so dangerous.. it’s like wiping the dirt around on your counter top without removing it. It may look acceptable for a while, but eventually it will make you sick.

I much prefer the wholistic approach. And when we look at ourselves as whole systems, we get much better at actualizing our potentials.

Take the human body for example. We have two fluid systems; one for nourishment (the blood), and the other for removing waste (the lymphatic system). If we completely ignored the waste, and pretended it wasn’t there, then it would build up, and before long we wouldn’t be feeling very high vibe anymore – no matter how much we tried to focus on the nourishment side of things. 

It’s exactly the same with our emotional, spiritual and mental vibrations. And here are the 3 main reasons why I feel that embracing both sides of the spectrum is vital to our manifesting ability and overall well-being..

1. Suffering can be a Great Teacher

Now please don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that suffering is necessary for learning or our personal evolution – far from it! And that’s why I dedicate my time to doing such deep inner work with people, to help them learn their lessons before the suffering escalates.

But we need to understand that suffering is an alarm bell that goes off when we’re living a life that’s misaligned with our truth.

If we don’t listen to the first few hints that something is wrong (low vibes for example), then we risk ignoring the call to change, and this can have big negative impacts down the road.

This might be the friend who ignores their health complaints until it gets out of control, or the entrepreneur who works themselves into burn out because they’re trying to live up to the hustle hard culture.

Ultimately, low vibes are there for a reason; to act as a warning sign that something is off; and maybe we need to tweak our plans, or take another path entirely.

I like to see low vibes as the canary in the mine – telling us that something needs our attention.

2. Low Vibes Will Still Come Out (Whether We Ignore Them or Not)

As we know, energy can neither be created or destroyed, and so low vibe energy isn’t going to disappear just because we say so.

It’s there for a reason, and if we don’t learn the lesson then it’s going to find another way to be heard.. getting louder and louder each time.

Our unconscious mind is the storehouse for everything that’s ever happened to us, and as children (before we had our adult filters on), we soaked up everything our environments had to offer. Both the negatives and the positives.

These are the beliefs and patterns that are running 90% of our consciousness, and are the biggest driving forces behind what we manifest in our world. 

Sometimes ‘low vibes’ or negative energies, feelings, and patters, can come up from the unconscious seeking expression. If we ignore them and focus on a ‘good vibes only’ approach, then we may save ourselves from having to deal with them in the moment, but they will continue coming out in a multitude of ways until they are we’re ready to face them.

Years ago I used to get scared when I reached a new layer of my conditioning, but now I celebrate. Because the more layers I peel back, and more light I shine on these misunderstood parts of myself, the more wonderfully me I become. 

3. Low Vibes are OK

When we start to categorize ‘high vibes’ are good, and ‘low vibes’ are bad, we’re telling ourselves that we’re only acceptable when we’re happy, and that feeling sad, or lonely, or scared is somehow wrong. But guess what? We’re human!! 

We’re all spiritual beings, having a human experience, and it’s OK to feel down sometimes. We can’t all be riding unicorns and shooting rainbows from our wrists 24/7.. (I save this for weekends) 😉

The truth is, there are blessings in all vibes.

When we accept the lower vibration times, we take ourselves off the hook for not ‘being perfect’, we learn to love and have compassion for ourselves and others, and also how to honor and reclaim those parts of ourselves asking for attention.

The beauty of the spiritual path is that we get to accept and integrate our whole selves; quirks, zaniness, and shadow side included.

So for those of you reading this, that feel you always need to be good, or happy, or perfect, or beautiful, just to be accepted..

It’s OK to be you.. 
It’s OK to be where you’re at.. 
It’s OK to be in whatever vibe you find yourself to be in..

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Well-Being

Our physical, mental, and emotional health is all about harmony. We tend to look at things as either positive or negative, but no one state is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’.

True health arises from balance, and painting with the whole palette; allowing ourselves to rest and replenish, just as much as we focus and act.

The problems come when we find ourselves experiencing too much of one thing, without it’s counter balance to keep us centered.

When this happens there can be a tendency to try and look outside of ourselves for the answer. If only we could have a little bit more of this.. or a little less of that. But when we seek rescue from our outer world, we cut ourselves off from the true source of our power within us.

One of my favorite ways of getting in touch with this power is through breathing.

Each in and out breath is a commitment. It’s a very intentional act of self care; a connection to source that keeps the life-force flowing through us, rather than allowing it to stagnate.

When we settle deeply into our breath, miraculous things start to happen.

I’ve tried many breathing techniques over the years, but the one I keep going back to is alternate nostril breathing. Used for thousands of years to balance both hemispheres of the brain, this is a powerful and simple tool that helps us regain control of our inner world.

Ancient yogic texts tell us that our right nostril is connected to our energy levels, and our left nostril is connected to our emotions.

Breathing through the right nostril is associated with: nurturing energy, vigor, alertness, will power, concentration, and readiness for action.

Breathing through the left nostril is associated with: cleansing, calmness, empathy, sensitivity, and synthesis.

When we breathe through both nostrils alternately, we balance our entire system – becoming energized, soothed, and grounded. It’s a total nervous system reset, and you can practice this as many times as you need to throughout the day.

To try it for yourself, sit somewhere comfortable with your spine straight. Then create a “U” shape with your thumb and index finger.

As we do this practice you’ll be using your thumb to close off your right nostril and your index finger to close off your left nostril.

Begin by closing your left nostril and breathe in deep and slow through your right nostril. Then close your right nostril and exhale slowly through your left nostril.

Now breath in through your left nostril, close it, and breath out through your right nostril.

Again, breath in through your right nostril, and continue going back and fourth alternately between the two for 3 – 5 minutes.

To finish, breathe in deeply, hold the breath for a few seconds, then lower your hand, and exhale.

This technique is simple, but super effective, and I use it daily to maintain a steady state of inner harmony and well being.

If you could use some support creating greater balance in your life, I’d like to invite you to my Goddess Within Wellness Retreat in Boquete, Panama next month. We still have a few spots spots left, and I’ll be sharing all of my tools and techniques for creating your own unique self-care program.

Marketing your Soulful Service or Event

Soul based marketing is all about tapping into the essence of your clients, speaking to them right where they are, and giving them a glimpse of the transformation that awaits.

What soul based marketing is not about, is fear.

It’s not about pressing pain points, it’s not about persuasion tactics, and it’s not about scarcity selling.

When you create something from the heart.. something that’s aligned with your purpose, and in the true spirit of service to others, then there’s no need for fear based marketing.

So how do we, as soulful entrepreneurs, go about sharing our offerings?

To help you market your own soulful service or event with ease and grace, follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Speak to the Transformation

Don’t just talk about the event or the content of what you’ll be sharing. Tell people about the transformation that you’re offering.

When we’re communicating with people at a soul level the language is one of evolution and becoming. Keep your focus on the big vision rather than the nuts and bolts.

This means meeting your soul circle where they’re at right now, focusing on the feelings that will come out of the experience, and giving them a glimpse of what it means for their future selves.

Where does your offering promise to take them? Where is your soul circle’s Shangri La?

2. Tell a Story

Our unconscious mind sees and experiences the world in stories, and so to speak to the deepest parts of people we must paint a picture.

To do this you can give real life examples of how this work has transformed people’s lives, your own personal journey, and the overall experience of your offering.

When you share a beginning, a middle, and an end, it gives people something they can connect with. It gives them a whole picture that they can imagine and dream into. A vision of their highest good.

This is what your product or event is really offering to people. And this story is what you need to connect them with.

3. Be Authentic

A common mistake I see in marketing, is people hiding behind their brand, or even worse a mask that they’ve created for themselves.

It can be difficult to speak our truth, but being authentic is what catapults us from fighting to keep our head above the water, to transmitting our purpose straight from source.

People buy from people. When you show up for yourself, others get to know you and your energy – and they connect to YOU.

A big part of being authentic is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

When we’re vulnerable we accept those parts of ourselves that we may see as weak, or unpopular. This can be hard – oh boy can this be hard! But it’s vital because it helps others to do the same.

So many of us start out in life feeling like we have to be perfect, but this just isn’t the case. No one is perfect. And when we pretend to be, all it does is alienate people.

It’s our authenticity, and therefore our imperfections, that bring us together. This is the key to building community, trust, and most importantly hope.

The message is – “if I can be imperfect, but still lead a happy and fulfilling life – then so can you”.

This is the key to truly transforming the lives of others.

If you have a soulful service or event you’re trying to market, I want to hear from you!!

And if you could use some help stepping into alignment with your true power and purpose, please check out my Manifest Miracles retreat in Costa Rica this spring.

How to Plan the Perfect Schedule for your Soulful Retreat

Working as a Spiritual Coach has given me the opportunity to run (and go on) a LOT of retreats. And over the years I’ve developed my own foolproof way of creating the perfect itinerary every time.

I used this process to create the 3 retreats I’m running this year, and it was so much fun that I’m already planning next years!

So let’s share the love and begin creating yours..

1. Create the Container

This is the nuts and bolts part, where you get to decide on the length of the retreat, the price point, and where you’re going to hold it.

Depending on how the rest of the creative process goes this may change, but it’s good to start off with a general idea so you can create something transcendent, but that you know you can deliver. This isn’t the Fyre Festival people!! 😉

2. Focus on Feeling

In our busy lives we often focus on ‘doing’ and ‘having’ over feeling. We try to fit ourselves into the box of what we think we ‘should’ do, and it’s easy to forget why we’re doing it.

To live a truly aligned life, the key is to shift our focus back to being. And the easiest way to do this, is to focus on the feeling of what we’d like to create more of in our lives.

Retreats are wonderful pattern disruptors, and life changing retreats are those that bring the focus from doing and having, back to feeling and being. They are portals into a magical realm of living a life lit up, and of transforming the old into the miraculous new.

That’s why, when creating a truly soulful retreat, it’s important to anchor it in feeling.

To begin, set up your own sacred space (sage, candles, meditation and oracle cards welcome!). Then get some paper and tune into how you would like to make your guests and soul circle feel.

This will depend on the focus of your retreat, the people you are serving, and your unique way of showing up in the world. For example, for a yoga retreat you might like to help your guests feel grounded, strong, light, energized, or connected.

For a manifesting retreat you may focus on feelings of love, divine alignment, inspiration, excitement, or faith.

For a health retreat you might want to choose feelings around harmony, invigoration, high vibration, stability, or flow.

Write as many feelings down as you possibly can. Do so without judgement, and allow Spirit to flow through and guide you. Words may pop up that you don’t understand at this point – don’t overthink it! Just write it down.

These feelings will be different for everyone, and that’s what makes holding a soulful retreat so unique and exciting. No one can create the same scared space that you are creating!

3. Choose and Name Your 5 Key Areas

Once you’ve gone down every rabbit hole of feeling.. look over your notes and see if you can notice any patterns or groups forming. Is there a root word or sentence that can explain each group? Meditate on it for a while and take your time. This is the foundation of your retreat, so it can’t be rushed.

For example you may have written, “I want my soul circle to feel.. safe, grounded, being able to unplug, happy, healthy, like we are family, supported by Spirit, that they can trust in the Universe, like they can face anything, open, energized, loved and loving, excited, in harmony, invigorated, high vibe, stable, more flowing, grateful, lit up, relaxed, etc”

This looks like a crazy mix of feelings right?! But in this next step we’re going to ask Spirit for guidance to take us to the root of what’s actually asking to come through.

Look through your list and ask, what deeper areas are underneath your words?

For example.. the feelings of safety, groundedness, family, and stability, may speak to something deeper like a sense of Sacred Belonging.

Feelings of trust in the Universe, that they can face anything, love, and high vibes, could be translated into Active Faith.

Experiencing health, harmony and invigoration might reveal an underlining call of Connection to Mother Earth.

Feeling relaxed, being able to unplug, stability, and support, may highlight a deeper need to Restore and Replenish.

Diving into gratitude, feeling lit up, happy and flowing, could speak to Awakening Inspiration.

This is an extremely intuitive process, led by your unique connection with Spirit, so there are no wrong answers here. Try not to focus too much on the words themselves, or wrestling them into a box that ‘makes sense’. They are all just representations of something deeper.. and it is this sacred a-ha that we want to tease out.

So! From all those seemingly random feelings, we now have a list of 5 key areas to anchor this example of a soulful retreat in:

  1. Sacred Belonging
  2. Active Faith
  3. Connection to Mother Earth
  4. Restore and Replenish
  5. Awakening Inspiration

Sounds pretty cool huh?! And now in the next step we’re going to flesh out these ideas until they’re bursting at the seams with goodness!!

4. Brainstorm Ways to Facilitate each Sacred Focus

Now that you have your 5 sacred areas of focus it’s time to brainstorm some juiciness!

In this step we’re going to feel into all the ways we can facilitate, channel, and create space for each of our chosen areas.

To get started I’ve mapped out some examples for each area below, but yours might be totally different! Write as many ideas as you can for each area, and try to think outside the box; the more unique the better.

Also, during this process remember to tune in and really anchor yourself into each space. Think from the area rather than about it.

Connect with the soul and message of each area, and ask yourself and Spirit what’s trying to come through.

Here’s an example..

  • Sacred Belonging – morning and evening rituals, sharing circles, ceremonies, deeper work in pairs, soul gazing, prayer, devotional meditation.
  • Active Faith – mala making, gratitude journalling, intention setting, manifesting workshops, clearing blocks.
  • Connection to Mother Earth – grounding, sound healing, altar building, walking or swimming in nature, local tours, working with the moon cycles.
  • Restore and Replenish – meditation, breath work, yin yoga, qi gong, energy healing, traditional temescal, inspirational movies.
  • Awakening Inspiration – crystal grids, money mindset workshop, 1-on-1 coaching, I Ching readings, oracle card practice, kundalini yoga, vision boarding.

This is just a very short list to get you started – but you get the idea! 🙂

And now we’re onto the final part of the creative process..

5. Map out Each Day

By this point you’ve done all the hard work, and now your soulful retreat can begin taking shape.

Use your 5 sacred areas to create a template for each day, and then simply swap and rotate your ideas from step 4 into each area.

Just make sure to create balance, and add in regular breaks, free time and meals 🙂

For example your template may look something like this; the areas can stay static, and be used as a template for each day, (while the ideas in the brackets can be swapped to mix things up);

  • 8am – Breakfast
  • 9am – Sacred Belonging (sharing circle)
  • 10am – Awakening Inspiration (money mindset workshop)
  • Short Break
  • 11am – Connection to Mother Earth (sound healing)
  • 12pm – Active Faith (mala making)
  • 1pm – Lunch
  • 2pm – Connection to Mother Earth (optional nature walk)
  • 3pm – Awakening Inspiration (vision boarding)
  • Short Break
  • 4pm – Restore and Replenish (yin yoga)
  • 5pm – Sacred Belonging (sharing ceremony)
  • 6pm – Dinner
  • 7pm – Restore and Replenish (guided meditation)
  • Free Time

And there you have it! Your very own master template for your next soulful retreat 🙂

If you were inspired by this process and would like some 1-on-1 guidance, I still have a few spots left on my retreats this year.

Please feel free to check them out below, or get in touch to ask any questions!

How to Fully Book any Event using Universal Law

Creating your own event, whether it’s a local informal talk, or a week long retreat in Costa Rica, can be scary. Especially if we’re taking a big step outside of our comfort zone, *hello fears and triggers!!*

But there is a way to fill your events gracefully, and even have some fun along the way.

For my very first live event, I had three people sign up right away.

I was super excited, they were all flying in (yay!). But then there was a lull in sign ups, and I started thinking OMG I’m going to have to cancel this and refund everyone for their plane tickets!

I was focusing all of my attention on catastrophizing the worst case scenario. I wasn’t planning, or creating, I was just worrying. I’d taken a big leap of faith, and then when things didn’t manifest immediately, I let myself slip into fear.

Then I had a wake up call. I took my power back and realized that for this to work, I had to make a big shift.

I began telling myself that my event would sell out. I asked, what would I be doing if I knew my event would go ahead? So I began planning, creating, and acting from the thought “I am hosting this event”.

All of my actions were aligned with the knowingness that my event was going to be a huge success.

I began marketing from that space, creating from that space. And within a few weeks my event sold out.

So that you don’t have to suffer the same rollercoaster, here is my personal blueprint for filling any event, big or small! 🙂

1. Make It Feel Safe

Our unconscious mind is responsible for 90% of what manifests in our world, but it’s not logical. It’s like a sweet innocent child, and more than anything it just wants to keep us safe.

This is why, even if we REALLY want something logically.. If we’re in fear when we think about it, then our unconscious mind will label it as scary and try to push it away as far as possible – which means it WON’T manifest it.

So, when planning anything that’s outside of our comfort zone, it’s really important to make it feel safe. We can do this by taking little baby steps and expanding slowly each time, or by showing our unconscious mind how awesome, great, and fabulous our event will be.

This teaches our unconscious that the thing we want is super safe for it to manifest!

2. Stay In Love Instead Of Fear

As human beings, we can only exist in a state of love or fear. When we’re in fear, everything feels scary, and we end up manifesting things that match that vibration (think empty seats and refunds!). Remember – worrying is praying for what you don’t want.

BUT, when we’re in a state of love there’s no room for fear, and the goodness keeps flowing. It’s like being tapped straight into source, and watching the miracles flood in.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to bring myself back into love, is through gratitude.

If you feel yourself worrying about empty seats, then take a step back and either write or meditate on all the things you’re grateful for.

I like including things I already have in my physical reality, and also include gratitude for my event being fully booked out (as if it’s already happened!).

3. Visualize – And Really FEEL It

Feeling is one of our greatest manifesting tools. When we really tap into the feeling of our wish fulfilled, we magnetize ourselves to all the things needed to make it a physical reality.

Whenever I run an event I make a daily practice of feeling based visualizations.

It’s so simple. All you have to do is find a quiet spot to meditate, and then visualize your event fully booked out, and the FEELING that this would give you.

Would you feel elated, excited, grateful, happy tears, utter relief and trust in the universe?

This is such a wonderful practice because it allows you to tap into deep feelings of joy and knowingness, which makes it worthwhile in itself right?!

But it also creates a powerful template for the unconscious mind and universe to manifest from.

How would you show up each day if you knew your event was going to be full?

4. Let It Go

This is the part where most people fall down in their manifesting practice.. the letting go bit.

When you get to this point you’ve done all the hard work. You’ve created an event that feels safe and exciting, you’ve corrected course and kept yourself in a state of love over fear, and you’ve put the time in daily to visualize and really feel your event being sold out.

But without this final step, the process is not complete.

We have to let it go. This means that we hand it over to the Universe, trusting that it will be fulfilled.

When you visualize daily, give it 100%.

When you pull yourself back from fear and into love, give it 100%.

When you make it feel safe, give it 100%.

And when you’re done – LET IT GO 1000%.

Trust that this is enough. Have faith that the Universe will provide.

If we don’t let it go, but keep going over things again and again, it sends the message that we’re not finished. And so our true dream is put on hold, while we run ourselves around in circles.

It’s like ordering a coffee.. we only get the coffee we desire when we actually order it and let it go. It’s the same with universal law.

If you follow these 4 simple steps, then you can fill any event, big or small!

Ready to dive deeper into manifesting your dream reality?.. Join me on my week long Manifest Miracles Retreat!

How To Perform Your Very Own Sacred Cacao Ceremony

When you think of chocolate what images come up? Pretty boxes tied with ribbons, a naughty treat, or perhaps a gift from a loved one?

How about an ancient mystical plant medicine, that channels the divine and helps us connect with our highest Self?!

It’s a little far removed from a Hershey bar right?

Surprisingly, chocolate, or rather Theobroma Cacao actually means “food for the Gods”, and has been used as a plant medicine for over 4000 years.

It’s believed that Cacao is an ancient gift from Mother Earth, to help guide us, release old wounds, and ultimately bring us into a state of love and deep spiritual communion.

Happiness is our birthright, and Cacao is a wonderful tool to help us raise our vibration, and move into a place of divine alignment. This is the space from which we can heal old wounds, set intentions, and manifest our desires.

Think bliss, love, joy, flow and FUN!

Cacao also has a very feminine energy, helping us to bring our masculine into balance and become vessels for the divine feminine.

When you work with any plant medicines, it’s wise to do so in ceremony and treat them with respect.

Plant medicines are not just substances that we take to feel good; they are spirits, each with their own consciousness, gifts, and healing powers.

I like to think of them as elevated beings, ready to bestow their wisdom on those who seek it. In the same way you would approach any shaman or spiritual teacher, reverence and humility is key.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with Cacao. Ceremonial garb, feathers, beads, crystals, and witchy friends welcome!..

Just keep in mind that Cacao is a spirit, and when seeking connection with it, it’s important to do so with respect.

If you would like to open your heart, raise your vibration, and harmonize your energies, why not create your own sacred Cacao ceremony with these 5 simple steps.

1. Set and Setting

Make sure to source high quality Cacao to create your elixir. Then decide whether you would like to perform your ceremony alone, or with friends.

I’ve done both, and while drinking alone can facilitate very deep healing and introspection, I also love the high vibrational energy that comes from joining together in a group of soul sisters.

If you’re in a group, it’s nice to start off by sitting in a circle. As the host you’ll have the Cacao drink set out in front of you, perhaps on a mini altar you’ve laid out just for this purpose.

I like to spread out a small rug, and set upon it my favorite crystals, personal totems, and anything that brings me joy. I’ll also invite my soul sisters beforehand to bring anything they’d like to add, so that it’s a collective offering.

2. Set an Intention

To receive the most from your ceremony it’s wise to set an intention.

This could be on an old wound that you would like to heal and integrate, a desire that you would like to call in, a deepening of your connection to Source or a specific side of yourself.. or even just to raise your vibration.

If in doubt, focusing on the feelings of bliss, ecstasy, joy, and love is a fantastic intention to set for ceremony.

When you’re ready to begin ask each person, one by one, to sit in front of the altar. As the host you now pour them a cup of the elixir, and hand it to them.

Before they drink, invite them to meditate upon their intention for the ceremony, drink the medicine, and return to their seat.

So it goes round, each person connecting with their intention, while everyone holds space and supports them. This in itself is such a beautiful practice!

3. Play Music

Music is a great accompaniment to Cacao.

Not only does it help to raise the vibration of the ceremony, but it also helps to focus the intention inward, and protect the space from any outside energies.

I personally love sacred drumming, chanting; or just a good rhythm to help carry the movements.

If you’re feeling stuck, there’s lots of ceremonial music you can find online – as long as it’s rhythmic, you’re good to go!

4. Dance & Movement

Allow the music to grow in Intensity, then dance, move, have fun and let go.

You’ve set your intention, and now it’s time to surrender to the medicine. Let go, and express whatever wants to come through. This is your own personal space to allow the Cacao to work through you.

Don’t worry about what people might think.. the more we dive deeper into the medicine and express ourselves authentically, the more we allow others to do the same.

While you move, hold space for your intention, and recognize the wisdom of Mother Earth coursing through your body.

The spiritual path doesn’t have to mean you are constantly focused on releasing or healing. It’s equally important to simply have fun, to admit to yourself that sometimes you are actually OK!

Treat these ceremonies as a celebration. How would you feel and act if your intention for the ceremony was realized?

Allow this gift to flow through you, and surrender to the feeling of having your wish fulfilled. Follow the dance of Cacao into that place, and let go.

5. Share & Close

Once the ceremony has come to a natural end, and the medicine has worked it’s magic, I like to return to the circle and collectively hold space for anyone who would like to share their experience.

There may be tears, laughter, internal transformations, sparks of divine insight.. or just that beautiful afterglow that we’ve learned to know and love.

Either way, snacks and hugs are a great final close to the ceremony! 🙂

I really hope you enjoy yours, and please get in touch with me to let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear about how the magic of Cacao has touched you personally!

Join My Cacao Ceremony

I will be a hosting a Cacao Ceremony during the Goddess Within retreat in Panama happening April 7-12, 2019. There is still room available.

Learn more or sign up here.

4 Powerful Antidotes to Perfectionism

At its’ core, perfectionism is when we focus on ‘form’ over flow. It happens when we get so caught up on how we think things ‘should’ be, that we abandon the flow of our natural inspiration and creativity. We allow ourselves to get caught up in the obsessive details.

Perfectionism is a black hole of time and energy, and is one of the arch nemesis’ of a successful and happy life.

Perfectionism doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens for a reason. It’s a natural response to an unnatural situation. Perfectionism is a defense mechanism that our ego uses to protect us.

It’s there to try and make us feel safe by keeping us small.

But as with all patterns. Our pattern of perfectionism can be transformed by using the 4 powerful antidotes below.

Antidote 1 — Keep things Simple

We don’t want to shock our ego or unconscious mind by trying to jump off a cliff everyday to get out of our comfort zones.

Some of us have been in a protective perfectionist bubble for a long time (probably most of our lives in one way or another), and so little and often is the best medicine.

Perfectionism wants to make things as complicated as possible.

It does this so that we’re never able to get the big things done, and so it keeps us small and ‘safe’.

To get around this, a vital part of saying ‘No’ to perfectionism, is to keep things simple.

Take something you’re struggling with… it feels kind of overwhelming right?

The first thing you want to do is simplify it.

Then strip it back again.

Then ask yourself “how can I make this even easier?”

Then simplify it again.

Do this another few more times until you literally can’t make it any simpler than it already is.

When things are simple, they’re sweeter, and we’re more likely to do them, (and do them well!).

Revisit this antidote of simplicity often to stop yourself from getting hung up on the details, and allowing the complications to creep back in.

Antidote 2 — Take (little) Inspired Actions

Rather than taking too much on all at once and setting yourself up for overwhelm, take small, right actions as and when you feel inspired to do so.

Don’t feel like doing a particular task right now? Leave it for tomorrow and do something else instead!

Still don’t want to do it tomorrow?.. Well then maybe it’s not worth doing.

If you notice there are any tasks you really don’t like doing, or are taking up an inordinate amount of time, go back to Antidote 1 and simplify, simplify, simplify.

Antidote 3 — Focus on the Meaning, not the Fluff

When we fall into the perfectionism trap, it’s often because we’ve lost sight of our “Why”.

If you feel that you’re focusing too much on the details ask yourself ‘why’ you’re doing this work in the first place.

Make some time, clear a space, and meditate on that question for a while.

Get to the core of why you feel drawn to the kind of work you do..

Why you want to help people in this way..

Why you want to serve at this particular altar..

Why this..

Why you?..

Then, when you feel clear again, and anchored deeply to your why, create your ‘how’ from that space.

Perfectionism doesn’t live in the why, it lives in the how. So anytime you feel you feel it creeping back in, bring your attention back to the why.. keep it simple.. and then take some small, inspired actions.

Antidote 4 — Accept Yourself

When you own your vulnerabilities, you give others the permission to own theirs. And they will love you for it.

When people see you being real, and admitting you’re not ‘perfect’.. but in fact have your own quirks that you accept / can’t stand / think are funny / want to cry and hide from / or are working to embrace. It relaxes them and helps them to feel safe in your presence.

It lets them in on a little secret. That it’s OK to be you.

That they don’t have to pretend to be someone they aren’t when they’re around you.

That they can be themselves, as messy and weird and imperfect as they are, and that you can be too. This is the basis for all true and meaningful connections.

The next time you’re speaking with someone, and a vulnerability comes up. Try sharing it with them and see what happens. You may be surprised!

Heal Your Money Mindset

Do you recognize that you have fear-based thinking when it comes to money? Read along for journal prompts and an exercise to help you heal your money wounds and dissolve the fear-based thinking blocking you from abundance.

If you feel as though you are blocking abundance from your life, you may want to do a deep dive into your relationship with money. In the world of spirituality, money can be a tricky topic. It is one that holds a lot of emotion behind it. Habits like overspending, agonizing over purchases, hoarding money, or feeling bad after spending are clues that you may have a money wound. The holidays and the new year are a time that can cause all of our emotional ties to money to surface and intensify. But this doesn’t have to mean defeat, for those who are committed to self-growth, this can be a wonderfully cathartic time to release deep-rooted stories.

In order to truly overcome limiting patterns and beliefs systems, like a fear-based money mindset, you must first honor the uncomfortable emotions that come with it.

As I like to say, you’ve got to feel it to heal it. What better time to work through your old money story, than when you’re really experiencing the full weight of it? This holiday season, I encourage you to observe your fear and discomfort when it comes to money with a gentle curiosity and with the intention of healing.

Here is a great two-part exercise to work through your money story.

Part 1:

Open up your journal or notebook to a fresh piece of paper and answer the following prompts:

1.  How do I feel when I spend money?

2.  How do I feel when I receive money?

3.  Do I feel responsible enough to manage my money?

4.  Do I feel in control when it comes to money? Why or why not?

5.  When do I feel most triggered when it comes to money?

6.  What patterns do I continuously find myself getting into with money?

7.  How does this pattern make me feel?8.  Where in my body am I experiencing these feelings?

Really take your time with answering these questions. Go all out. Try to dig deep and go beyond your surface answers. We’re looking for much more than Yes or No answers! Money can be a tough topic for lots of people, and your ego may try and fight you on this. You may get the urge to distract yourself with social media, eating, or some other activity to avoid answering these questions. Make the commitment to yourself to work through these to the best of your ability.

Part two:

Once you’ve answered the last question, “where in my body am I experiencing these feelings” pop in some headphones and turn on my favorite Kundalini Mantra for Healing – Ra Ma Da Sa. (Learn more about this sacred healing Mantra here).

As you are absorbing the healing energy of the mantra, make space to really experience the emotions that are coming up. Acknowledge the feelings in your body and set the intention to move them out. Studies have shown us that in order to release an emotion, we must sit with it for at least 90 seconds. This mantra will give you plenty of time to process and move through the discomfort.  

As a bonus step if you are called,  free-write about your experience while listening to the mantra. The more processing you can do, the better.

Please acknowledge that this will most likely not be a quick fix. In order to release patterns that we’ve internalized for years, we’ve got to commit to doing the work to releasing them. Meditation and journaling are part of the process of course, but equally as important are recognizing your triggers while they happen and putting in the effort to shift your perception during the moment.

I want to hear from you about your results with this. Shoot me an email at meg@megsylvester.com

Want to follow my journey more closely? Follow me on IG at @Meghansylvester . I share a lot of spiritual knowledge and my life in general.

My Method to Bust Through Analysis Paralysis

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? Ever had a hunch or an inspired idea, only to kill it or watch it shrivel up and die as you suffocate it with analysis? (OK maybe that’s a *bit* dramatic, but you get my point). If so, then keep reading to learn a fun way to bust through this limiting habit.

Trying to strengthen your intuition and your ability to go with the flow can be a real challenge if you’ve spent most of your life over analyzing every single decision – from menu items to what you’re going to wear to work. We are told that if we just act on our intuition things will start to flow, but how the heck do you do you take action without over-analyzing when that’s all you know?

Because some of us just can’t quit the over-analyzing habit cold turkey, here’s a tool to help you bridge the gap between inspired action and analysis paralysis.

Play the “What If” game with your inspired idea.

And no, I’m not talking about going down the rabbit hole of negative hypothetical scenarios… I’m suggesting just the opposite!

So here’s what you do, to help appease the part of your brain that just has to analyze, you are going to apply the “Oh yes, What If” technique to your idea. You are going to observe, think and assess the path of your inspired idea with the intention of pushing it forward.

But before I explain the game, I want to make sure we are clear on something…

You are a consciousness who gets to decide which thoughts you’d like to associate with, or not. You can chose to stick with a thought or you can observe the thought and let it go. You aren’t your thoughts, but rather the consciousness who gets to drive your thoughts to the intended destination.

If you decide to stick with a thought, you can then give it mobility with intention, emotion and imagination.

For example, let’s take the guy who invented Post-It Notes.

One day he was sitting around thinking about how hard it was for him to remember little to-do’s. So the situation could have gone of two ways:

He could have taken the “Oh No, What If” path.

It could look a little something like this:  He could have thought, Man it’s tough to remember all these to-do. Oh no, what if that means I have a terrible memory? Oh no, what if because my memory is bad, I’m not good at thinking period. I’m stupid. I can’t do anything right. So I’m just going to sit here and think about how crappy of a memory I have and chose not to do things that require a good memory.  

Or he could have played the “What if, Oh Yes” game. Which goes a little something like this:

Man it’s tough to remember all of these to-do. Oh yes, what if I had a way to help me remember the to-do. Oooooh yes! What if I created that something. Oh yeah! And what if it was something super simple that everyone could use. Ah heck yes, and what if I took this tape here and just stuck it to this paper here. OMG HELL YES what if I market this and call it a post-it? Genius!!

OK, I have no idea if that’s how it went down. But what I’m trying to illustrate is that your ideas and emotions are what give your thoughts mobility. You can change the destination of a thought by aligning the ideas and emotions you attach to that thought with an outcome that you desire.

You can analyze your intuitive hits with positivity and potential. Create the grand vision of your inspired action by positively analyzing it. Play it out. Go from inspired idea to the next step. Ask yourself, Oh yes! What if that cool thing happened?” Ooooh that would be amazing! And then ah yeah, what if that happened? What would come next?

Give your inspired idea mobility and speed by affixing the ideas and thoughts to it that support your desired life vision.

It’s like climbing  a ladder. Each small step gets you to the top. 

By playing this game, you’re still honoring your mind’s need for analysis while honoring your intuition. You’re just adding a little step between idea and inspired action – and that’s all good!

So next time you get the urge to analyze your next great idea, just play this game and see what happens.




Meg Sylvester is an Spiritual Life Coach and Business Mentor for Soulful Entrepreneurs, Heart Centered Dreamers, and Inspired Seekers. To learn more on her Mindset Mastery private coaching experience that blends intuitive guidance with inspired action click here.

Do you have trouble hearing your intuition? If so, try this

If you have trouble hearing the voice of your intuition, read on…


Imagine being at a house party where the music is cranked up. A friend comes up to you to try and talk, but the music is so loud you can’t hear her. This friend is like your intuition. Sometimes she’s even yelling, jumping up and down, wearing a sparkly outfit, but we just can’t seem to hear her. Our intuition is always there, but when we have the sound turned up so loud, we tend to tune her out. 


Your mind is like the house, and the music is like the mental chatter swirling through your head. When we seek guidance from our intuition, we must listen. Ask and you shall receive….unless you can’t.

When we’ve got so much mental chatter going on inside of our heads, it makes it much more challenging to actually receive the guidance we want.


The first step in communicating with your intuition is to simply ask then listen. This means that you’ve got to clear out your head and get quiet so that you can actually hear. And by hear, I don’t necessarily mean, audibly. You can receive intuitive guidance through a knowingness, a sense, or a vision. But regardless of the way you absorb this guidance, silene will absolutely make it easier for you to receive.


A great way to build your silent muscle is to do just that, practice at being quiet so that you can hear your intuition down. Yes, it may sound simple, and so not magical, but the best thing we can do to build a deeper bond between our mind and our intuition is learning how to get good at being quiet on the inside. 


And here’s an easy way how to practice:


LIght a candle and select a short amount of time…even something as short as 30 seconds. Then set a timer.


Before your start the timer, suggest to yourself that you would like to empty out all of the contents of your mind.


The only intention you have for the next 30 seconds is to just be.


Start your timer and watch the flame as you feel your breath. Observe the rise & fall of your breath. Make that be your focus.


As soon as the timer goes off, blow out the candle, offer up some gratitude to yourself for your practice them move along.


Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t totally free of mental chatter the first time. Remember that clearing your mind of thoughts and cultivating a silent space may not be easy for you at first (or maybe it will be). But regardless, just do the exercise and keep at it.


Stay at the same amount of time for an entire week, then the next week bump it up by a small fraction. If you were at 30 seconds, go up to 45.


You are building the mental muscle of beingness. In a society so caught up in doing, this whole beingness thing can be a little daunting at first. But You can do it. The rewards are huge. Imagine being able to hear and receive guidance from your intuition all throughout the day. Imagine being able to take confident inspired action because you simply “know” that what you are doing is the exact right move.


It all starts with listening.


How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs around Money, Health, and Love

If you’ve followed my work then you’ve heard me stress the importance of overcoming your limiting beliefs so that you can create the life you desire. If there is something you do not like about your present experience then it is your responsibility to change it. Not someone else’s, yours. Your thoughts carry weight. They carry the ability to create your physical reality. And they do. Believe it, or don’t believe it, it still holds true.


The first step in changing your reality is witnessing the thought patterns and beliefs that have been confining you in your present situation. Now, it’s most likely true that there are areas of your life that you do enjoy. What’s important is to understand that you can create belief systems around one area of your life, say career or money, that totally differ from another aspect of your life, say love and family.


So for now let’s say you do not currently like your financial situation. The first step in improving your financial situation is witnessing the beliefs you have around money and your feelings around making it, keeping it, spending it, etc.


To kick off this first step what you need to do is really begin to listen to yourself talk about money. Do you find yourself saying things like, I’m so poor, I’m always broke, I wish I had enough money for xyz, I never have enough money, I’m so stressed about money, I live paycheck to paycheck… Any of those sound familiar? Listen to yourself and really begin to notice the key phrases you have on repeat regarding your financial situation.


Take out your journal, turn on some inspiring tunes and write out your money story. What is your relationship with money (or health, or love, or whatever area it is that you’d like to improve). Think about how you’ve handled money in the past. Do you get it and then hoard it because you don’t think you will get more? Do you get it and spend it right away because you don’t think you are responsible enough to hold onto it? Do you get money in spurts and then go through dry spells? Deep down do you believe you are not worthy enough to earn large sums? Take some time to write this out so that you can become very familiar with the story and beliefs you’ve created.


For example, for a long time I believed that the only way to make large amounts of money was by doing something high-profile and difficult (ie big fancy corporate job), I did not believe that I could make money, and lots of it, by simply doing what I do best. I had this story so deeply ingrained that I thought in order to make money I had to have a professional degree, have a professional job and have a million certifications to prove my worth.


And that’s simply not true.


I re-programmed my belief patterns and created a new story. I witnessed my limiting story and chose to change it through assuming new beliefs and taking the proper subsequent steps to really align my energy with this new truth.  You know that Whack-a-mole game?  I treated my limiting beliefs like the little moles and my new, empowering story as the hammer.

I fought fear with love and eventually transformed my story.


I am now a successful, online Life Coach doing exactly what I love (something that comes easy to me, because it’s simply me being me).


I took the ideas from the limiting stories I had and then created new, empowered statements. I became the fierce protector of my financial situation. I turned the story around by changing my thoughts. I believed, with all of my heart, that my thoughts create my reality, so I used new thoughts to create a new reality. Make sense?


I hammered away at the old story. I wrote empowering statements like, Money flows to me easily, literally everywhere. I carried my journal with me everywhere and got to work when I felt the old fear story creeping in.


Step One in creating the life of your dreams is to witness your fear story / limiting belief and then begin reprogramming your subconscious with your conscious mind.  

You can absolutely change your story by changing your thoughts. But it takes commitment and the willingness to believe. Changing your thought patterns means you take the steps to understand your blocks and learn how to process and bust through them. Something I often do with my clients is have them write out their limiting story and then dispose of that story (by burning it, shredding it, flushing it down the toilet) to energetically symbolize the cycle of death and rebirth when it comes to the belief. Give this a try to kick everything off!!


There is another more vibrant way to live and it’s all on the other side of fear!

Your Body is a Messenger – Are you listening to it?

Several  months ago I had a tarot card reading and was a stumped by something I was told. She said I’d be doing something with my hands. She wasn’t sure, it wasn’t quite clear but there was definitely some energy going on with my hands, and to watch for opportunities that allowed me to work with them.


I was confused, because I don’t really do any type of art with my hands. I don’t paint, draw, do pottery or build things. So I just kinda let it go.


Fast forward to today… I was on a hike, something I love, but haven’t been able to do in a while because of the weather. Being on a hike and surrounded by trees makes my heart happy. It’s like soul food for me. While I was hiking, I noticed the familiar feeling of my fingers dancing, tapping out imaginary beats. That always happens when I’m hiking (regardless if I have music playing or not). Whenever I hike my fingers start to move  as if they were dancing to some imaginary song playing in the wind. And when I’m really feeling it, I go into full on hand dancing (sometimes the head starts bobbing). It’s as if my hands got swept up in some imaginary current of musical waves.


There are only two other times when my hands start dancing like that.


The first is when I’m actually dancing. I know for sure I was given the gift of dance to know what it feels like to to be totally tapped in. When I dance my mind goes away. It’s like my body is completely taken over by the music. I don’t think. I don’t plan. I don’t care. I just dance. And I am so happy when I do. I know the Universe gave me this gift just so I could feel Her presence, so I could know the power of divine connection. Seriously, that’s how much I love to dance.  And I’m proud to say, I’m really freakin’ good! …ask my friends 😉


The second time I feel like this, just totally tapped and in the zone,  in is when I get into a deep flow of conversation with my clients (and friends). When we are so tuned into each other and on a really deep subject. My hands start to dance. That imaginary musical current sweeps them up. I feel so tuned in and in the flow, like I could talk for hours (and sometimes I do!). When my hands start to dance like that, it’s like visible feedback that I’ve found the flow.


While I was on my hike – hand dancing – I stopped and made the connection about the whole hand thing the card reader was saying. Holy crap. This is what my cards meant. This is what she was talking about when she said I’d be doing something with my hands. My hands are the messenger that I’m in the flow, that I’m tapped in, doing soul work. My work is my soul food.


Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is to illustrate how beautifully our bodies work as messengers of the soul. Our bodies let us know when things aren’t right through headaches, stomach problems, fight or flight feelings, acne, fatigue, and whatever else. But they also let us know when things ARE right, through instantaneous smiles, tingles up our spines, chills, standing tall, and of course, hand dancing.

As a metaphysician, I am fascinated by exploring the physical manifestation of deep-seated emotions and long-standing harmful belief patterns. I am continuously and actively looking for the relationship between mind and matter, feelings and our physical form.

In her book, The Body is the Barometer of the Soul, Annette Noontil goes very deep into the relationship between emotions and the body. She describes in great detail how energy of thought and feeling is developed into physical manifestation of unwanted symptoms. The following are a few examples of the metaphysical connections between mind, body, and spirit that Noontil makes in her book:

  • Cold Sores = “I do not want to take in that news”
  • Dandruff = A clogging up of self-acceptance. Impatience with the way others do things. It is not the same as I want it done
  • Dry Hair – Not being aware that you can achieve. Your inadequacy keeps you doing nothing because you do not know yourself
  • Headaches (Back of Head) Pressurizing yourself through impatience that you have not done enough.
  • Headaches (Front of Head) – Holding on to old limitations and having difficulty with seeing the good in things.
  • Sinus – You are not satisfied with the way you are not learning
  • Bedwetting – not knowing how to get what you want
  • Hemorrhoids – you want to pass on your knowledge but you do not think it will be accepted.
  • Endometriosis – Your need is to grow spiritually so you have a new approach to your life. Understand yourself and remove old limiting concepts.


I encourage you to become the great interpreter of your bodily messages. Go deeper than just the physical. Start exploring how your emotions and deep-seated, fear based stories have manifested themselves as physical symptoms, especially your chronic, long-lasting symptoms.

On the flip side of that, I also encourage you to listen and observe how your body feels when you are doing what you love. Emotions live in our body. Recognize the bio feedback of happiness, excitement, joy, and gratitude. What do those emotions feel like? Do they feel like tingles, warmth, a smile? Where in your body do you feel it? Does joy live in your heart center, does it travel up your spine, does it feel like relief in your muscles?

Learning to recognize your body’s signals is a cornerstone of mind / body awareness.  “Change your thoughts to change your body.” – Annette Noontil



Meg Sylvester is a Spiritual Success and Wellness Coach. She inspires clients to create massive transformation in their lives by removing obstacles to well-being. Ready to live your healthiest, happiest life doing what you love? Contact Meg for a complimentary discovery call. Click Here

Self-Doubt keeping you down? Try these 4 steps to get you back up.

Confession: I was addicted to Girl Scout Cookies.


OK, so not a life-long or even year long addiction. For three days I seriously had no self-control when I got around the cookies. Thin Mints – get in my belly.  Peanut Butter Patties – right now, give ‘em. Like, seriously No.Self.Control. WTF was happening?!?


This was my daughter’s first year of selling girl scout cookies. I’ve never had them in the house before. Never really appealed to me. But for some reason, those bright shiny boxes just hooked me in, and I was toast. Holy crap those things are good! Cookies aren’t usually my jam – I typically eat a very healthy diet, free of processed ingredients and refined carbs and sugar, but I just couldn’t resist. Again, I ask – WTF was happening?! I’m a person who coaches people on how to not do this exact thing. So what gave?


Well around this time, I was also struggling with some feelings of self-doubt. I was experiencing a little anxiety and had my wheels spinning, You know the feeling…hamster wheel. Going and going in circles. Feeling like you are doing the same thing over and over with no results. I got into the Facebook suck, the comparison game and started questioning what I was doing. I got this crazy notion into my head that I wasn’t doing enough. That I wasn’t hustling enough to produce results I wanted to see in my business.


And another thing…throughout the holidays I had totally fallen out of my self-care routine. I wasn’t waking up earlier to have my “me” time. I wasn’t doing the things that brought me joy, like going on walks in nature, or yoga, or dancing, or playing pretend with my kids.


Really the only thing I was doing was working on my business (but not the fun stuff – the stuff I thought I had to be doing in order to “be seen” aka the my own personal hamster wheel.)


And then my husband asked me something. He asked me if I was happy. Talking through a mouthful of Girl Scout cookies, I answered, Yes, of course! I mean, I am totally and  utterly so in love with the work I am doing and the clients I get to serve. Of course I’m happy. “Well then, act happy” he said.


But here’s the thing, sometimes acting happy is easier said than done right? Yes, happiness is a choice. We can always choose to see the lesson in a challenge. We can always choose to not sweat the small stuff and recognize fear when it bubbles up. But I’m a believer in tools. In fact, I’ve got a big old tool box of self-help tools. I even have a handy dandy section in my tool-box specifically for getting through self-doubt. So just how are girl scout cookies and self-doubt related?


After my husband told me to act happy, I snapped out of my cookie trance and reached into my tool-box. As a coach, I’m so used to helping others through their blocks, that sometimes I forget to help myself…it happens to all of us. We help, help, help…give, give, give…and forget about ourselves.

And that’s ok.


I didn’t beat myself up for it. But what I did do was applaud myself for recognizing that I had fallen off, and used my tools to get back on. I “shrunk that gap” between falling off and getting back on.


So just what are my 4 steps through moving through blocks like self-doubt? Keep reading to find out!


  1. Assess your physical self. – Take a beat to assess how  you’re nourishing your physical body. It’s not talked about in mainstream health care, but your gut health has a huuuuuuuge impact on your mental health. The majority of your hormones including those that makes us feel happy and sad are synthesized in your gut. So that means when you’re eating foods or food-like substances that aren’t good for you, you’re screwing with the gut-brain connection. Secondly, when we aren’t getting great sleep, that obviously impacts our mood a great deal. Third – when we’ve been sitting on the couch and not moving our bodies, our moods take a nosedive. So my first step in getting over negative emotions is simply to ask am I taking care of my physical self. Am I eating healthy foods, am I moving my body, and am I sleeping. If the answer is no, then I eat something a piece of fruit or a veggie, I drink some water and move my body. And yes, this means putting down the girl scout cookies.


           I had that ah-ha moment here. I realized how closely linked the cookies and the bad     mood were. I’m not used to eating like that. And when I did, I felt bad – this understanding serves as the building blocks to Mind / Body awareness.


  1. Move through the feelings.  Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, is a brain researcher who studied her own brain after having a stroke. She learned that emotions manifest as a physical surge of chemicals that move through your body for 90 seconds and then get flushed out. However, as a society we have been conditioned to numb. Be it with social media, drugs and/or alcohol, TV, food, sex… we numb. We’d rather numb and emotion than actually feel it. So my second step might be a little uncomfortable. Call upon the negative feeling you are experiencing and really feel it, Don’t just put words to it. Feel the physical body sensations of it surging through your body. What does it feel like – tension in your jaw, hands, or chest? Quesiness or dizziness? Sit with that feeling for 90 seconds. Breathe through it and allow it to pass.


After you’ve checked in with your physical body…move onto your mind / soul connection with steps three and four.


  1. Express Gratitude. Our minds are incapable of suffering and being grateful at the exact same time. That being said, whenever I’m feeling down…I give thanks to relieve suffering. Think of emotions like a ladder with hatred and anger as the very bottom step and love as the very top step. Expressing gratitude gives you the power to climb the ladder. With each moment you spend in gratitude you are allowing yourself to climb higher and higher. Use gratitude to raise your vibrational state. I do believe there is magic in putting pen to paper, so if you are able to, write down your gratitude list. And you don’t need to get carried away and crazy idealistic with your gratitude. Sure you can be thankful for big grand things like the potential of world peace, but you can also be just as thankful for your pillow, your clean water, and the fact that you have food in your pantry. So when in doubt, give thanks.


  1. Nourish your relationship to Self & Source. The final step in getting over self-doubt asks you to give yourself some love. How can you nourish your relationship to self? Through ritual, self-care and routine. One of the reasons I had fallen off the wagon and into the self-doubt abyss was that I had totally slipped on my morning routine. If you don’t have a morning routine, try one out. I treat my morning routine as the foundation for which I grow attributes like motivation, focus, and clarity. It gives me a springboard for my day and anchors me to my goals. Morning routines don’t have to be  a million steps and methodical. It can be as simple as waking up a little early and sitting in candlelight with a glass of water. It can be a mediation or simply paying attention to your breath. If you’re interested in learning about a great morning routine, join my 21 Day Challenge to create a morning routine (click here to learn more). Or check out my handy steps on how to become a morning person (click here). 


When experiencing self-doubt I nourish my relationship to Source (God, Universe, Love) through prayer. I find this prayer, as taught in the metaphysical text, A Course In Miracles, incredibly comforting “Tell me what to do, where to go, what to say, and to whom”. Call upon whatever it is you believe in to guide you. Trust in that guidance. Know you are being supported, and that you can call on this source of love and support whenever you need it.


When we open ourselves up to love and drop the hustle, miracles happen.


So next time you’re feeling like you’re in a hamster wheel and there’s no end in sight, use these four steps to shift your mindset. Use these steps like a checklist. You don’t have to go in order. Check in and see which one feels like it needs your attention the most then move through all 4.


To recap:

Assess your physical self

Move through the feelings

Express Gratitude

Nourish relationship to Self & Source


And it just so happens that the steps create the beautiful acronym of AMEN 🙂


How this seemingly innocent habit could be an act of self-sabotage (and what to do about it!)

Imagine this: You’re on a blissful vacation. Relaxing in the sun. Eating food that makes you happy. Smiling and laughing with your loved ones. Maybe even spending some luxurious time doing absolutely nothing. Ahhhhh. I can almost hear the waves and the wind whispering through the lush, green surroundings.


Taking in the moment, you close your eyes and then you say it.  “I wish”. I wish I could do this every day. I wish I could eat this food every day. I wish I could relax like this every day… I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish….


Or this: You’re scrolling through social media. Comparing. Wishing you had what she had. You hear yourself thinking, man I wish I could do that. I wish I could be more like that. I wish I could, blah blah blah.


The thing is, every time you say I wish and don’t actually do something about it, you are sending mixed signals to yourself and out to the Universe. This seemingly innocent little habit is keeping you in a pattern of wishing but not receiving. It can also evoke negative feelings, like sadness and jealousy. No bueno, right?


In order for a wish to manifest you need to get your feelings, actions, and words energetically aligned.


I want you to do something next time you catch yourself saying I wish – actually two things.


Number one. Get clear.


Next time you hear yourself saying I wish, stop and ask yourself this question: Is that really true?


Do you really and truly wish you could have/do/be whatever it is you have just said “I wish” about? If you don’t really and truly wish you could gulp down kale smoothies every day, take a fancy vacation every other month, or get that promotion then stop saying you wish you could. Really stop to think about the reality of that wish. Is it really what you want in your reality.


Taking this one step further, think before you speak.  If you keep affirming to yourself that you wish you had something, but you really and truly don’t want it, imagine how confused the connections between your mind and soul become.  If you say you wish you could drink a kale smoothie every day, but when you stop and actually remember how kale makes you wanna barf and you really aren’t ready to trade in your mashed potatoes for mashed up kale. Then stop wishing for it.


I notice this habit come up a lot in groups. Saying I wish just to fill in gaps in a conversation or to fit in. So next time you’re at brunch with your girls and you keep hearing yourself saying you, “Omg, no way! Are you serious? Ah, I wish I could do that…” stop and ask yourself if that’s really true. If you continuously hear yourself saying “I wish” in response to what someone else has or does think about what you’re telling yourself on a subconscious level.


Number two: Do something about it.


You’ve taken a beat to think about it. And yes, you really and truly do wish you could drink a kale smoothie every damn day. SO GO AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


Wishes don’t just happen because you say them (thank goodness, or my three year old’s room would be a stable for unicorns). You have to actually do something about it.


Take inspired action.


The first step of taking inspired action means assuming the feeling of what it would be like to have the thing you wish. What would it feel like to drink a kale smoothie every day? Sit a moment and think about how it would feel so do the thing you are wishing for. Get familiar with that feeling. Let it live in your body.  If drinking a kale smoothie makes you feel vibrant, healthy, and in control of your health, assume that feeling in your body and take action from that space.


Ask for guidance and make a plan.


Get quiet. Still your mind. Mediate. Ask for guidance on achieving your goal. Let the answers manifest as thoughts and feelings. And most importantly, give thanks for what’s coming. Thank you Universe for my daily kale smoothies!


What are three things you can do to achieve your goal? If your goal is take a trip every other month, then whip out your calendar and a map and get to planning. Or create a vision board of places you want to go to. Start researching prices and setting a budget, Ask yourself how much money you need to set aside. Start getting acquainted with the general steps you’d like to take to make the wish a reality.


If it’s something as simple as having a kale smoothie every day, or eating a big giant salad every night for dinner. Well then, off to the grocery you go! Go purchase a blender. Do whatever you need to do to make it easier to happen.


Point being, stop saying you wish if you don’t really mean it. And if you do really mean it, then start doing something about it. Maybe your wish doesn’t come to fruition right away, but with clear, consistent and focused action, combined with the right mindset, it will. Remember small subtle shifts lead to great big changes.


If you really wish for something to happen, then make it it happen!

Meg Sylvester is a Spiritual Success & Wellness Coach who specializes in guiding clients to living a life that lights them up, and showing them how to feel great in the process. If you are interested in working with Meg, click here to send her a note.

I Quit Drinking: Here’s How I Did It, Why I Wanted To, and How My Life has Changed Since

Let me just preface this with that fact that alcohol has always been a major part of my social life. From dining out and wine tastings to girls’ nights out and drinking wine while watching Netflix. with m y husband and the kiddos. So had someone told me a year ago that I would be writing an article about how I quit drinking, I would have called them crazy.

It was March 2017 and I had just gotten back from celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Right before that was the big South by Southwest Festival in my hometown of Austin, Texas. Basically two straight weeks of parties, fun, and lots and lots of libations. From the outside, I wasn’t drinking any more than the average American female, it just so happened I had two big multiple-day events that lined up back to back. For two weeks I was  floating in between states of being buzzed, drunk, hungover, or getting my act together. All the while trying to be a good momma, wife, and employee. And for the most part, I was. It’s not like I was a raging alcoholic. I wasn’t a neglectful mother or partner, and I was doing just fine at work. The thought hadn’t ever crossed my mind that I might want to quit drinking.


(Little did I know how much better I could have been doing!)


However, I felt bad. Not just physically – the hangovers, the headaches, and the bloating that came from drinking – but mentally too. It’s like I hardly had a time to reset and get into a happy, high-vibe state of mind. If we weren’t out somewhere fun having drinks then we were at home having wine or a cocktail or two, or at a restaurant with our kiddos having margaritas…nothing crazy. But alcohol was always present. It was involved in nearly all of my plans. Nearly all of my social interactions. And when I took a good, honest look at my life, I knew it was a factor that was holding me back  from being my happiest,  healthiest self. Slowly but surely tiny thoughts of me quitting drinking started to bubble up.


After Chicago, I had made a decision that I just wanted to cut back on the amount of alcohol I was consuming. My liver was screaming at me to take a break, and I was tired and kinda needed a break from the whole drinking scene anyway. So I made a decision to make a concerted effort to simply cut back with no time limitations or expectations. Looking back, I think the fact that I eased into it and made no rigid expectations was one of the most pivotal points in the process. It was 100% my decision, and I was supported by my partner who was also reeling a little from our crazy weekend in Chicago.


So I started by telling myself that I was going to have drinks whenever I wanted, but that I was going to switch to water as soon as I felt the familiar feelings of a buzz coming on. For me that meant as soon as I heard my words slurring a bit, or felt a little “floaty” I would switch to soda water with lemon or lime.


Nothing changed in our social lives. I just simply slowed down a little and wasn’t getting crazy drunk. So not only was I less hungover, I was going to sleep a little earlier than usual because my nights were coming to a close a bit earlier due to cutting back.


After that, I decided to quit drinking on the weekdays. During this time, my mediation practice was growing stronger and I was able to rely on my practice for stress relief. I also implemented and strengthened my stress-response tools and strategies  like deep breathing, journaling and gently observing my thoughts. By doing this, I created a much healthier way to respond to seemingly stressful situations rather than by numbing with alcohol. (I’m sure you can imagine how positively this impacted by mental state too!)


Alcohol, however, wasn’t the only thing I was cutting back on. For quite some time (I’m talking years) I had significantly and slowly changed my diet. I cut out processed and refined foods, especially sugar and foods with lots of additives and preservatives. I was eating real food. Alcohol was the one glaring part of my diet that didn’t really fit. So as I made more of an effort to really cut back on alcohol, I noticed two things that happened when I did decide to have a drink.


The first was that the negative physical effects were intensified. Because everything else in my diet was pretty clean, my body got really good at telling me that alcohol was a toxin. The hangover effects actually worsened as I cut back. When I had the occasional drink, It’s like my body was like “AHHHHHH, WTF is this?! You are poisoning me!!! I’m going to give you this massive headache just to mess back with you!”. And that wasn’t fun. It sucked actually. Secondly, I started asking myself things like is it this drink really worth the awful physical side effects. And the answer was almost always no.


On a subconscious level my priorities slowly started to shift. Again, I wasn’t being forceful with myself. I simply was becoming more and more mindful of the negative impact alcohol had on me, both mentally and physically.


By this time a few months had passed, and rather than planning on meeting friends for a drink or happy hour, I was suggesting “dates” like going for walks, yoga classes, lunch, or just meeting for tea at my house. I found that friends who really just wanted to hang out with me at a bar kind of fell off, which I was OK with. I was doing more things out in nature and having more time to myself. In the evenings, rather than having a glass of wine while watching NetFlix, I did a mediation, journaled, or did something creative. As a result, I was able to really bring focus to my goals and saw a direct positive impact on my professional life. This quitting drinking thing was really starting to shake out.


Around this time my spiritual development was really flourishing. When I thought about alcohol, I realized how much it cut me off from my authentic, truest self and from Source Energy (the Universe, God, Love…whatever you like to call “It”). Reflecting, I realized how sensitive, easily offended, and egocentric I became when I drank. And that’s not me. That’s my ego. I honestly no have no desire to willingly put myself in a situation where I am numb and disconnected from my true self and handing my experience over to my ego. It’s just not how I want to experience life anymore.


But here’s the thing…I never once said no to an outing, event, party or dinner that I felt drawn to for fear of it being all weird because I wasn’t drinking. Did I consider saying no…of course! I was going through a major transition. But ultimately, I kept an open mind and decided that I wasn’t going to hole-up and never doing anything socially where alcohol was present. That’s just not realistic. So  now when I go out, I just drink soda water with a lemon or lime (in a fancy glass, thanks), and I don’t make a big deal out of the fact that I’m not drinking alcohol or that I quit drinking. I don’t even mention it, honestly.


I’m now creating more enriching experiences for myself, because I’m thinking outside of the box. I’m able to process seemingly stressful situations more easily, quickly and gracefully because my mediation practice has been strengthened. I feel better. I sleep  better. I’ve lost weight. My relationships are better because the stupid catty disagreements that come out of drinking no longer occur. I’m never hungover on a saturday morning which means more quality time with my kiddos. And I just get way  more done! Plus the late-night alcohol-induced pizza binges are no longer a thing, so that’s always a plus!


Do I think everyone should completely quit drinking alcohol? No. But I do think everyone who want to improve even one single facet of their life should really consider how much they are drinking and the areas of their life that it impacts. And if you think it’s controlling more than one facet of your life, then try cutting back. Don’t make it some big deal where you feel sorry for yourself. Make it a decision that’s for you and your well-being. Just test the waters and see what it would be like to simply cut back a bit. What do you have to lose? Who knows what can happen?! Maybe your whole life will change…you never know until you try.


  • If you or someone you know is or may be dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, please seek professional help. This advice is not intended to help those who may be battling drug and alcohol addiction but rather for those who are considering a change for health and well-being purposes. Meg Sylvester is not a doctor and is not offering medical advice. 

Meg Sylvester is a Spiritual Success & Wellness Coach who specializes in guiding clients to living a life that lights them up, and showing them how to feel great in the process. If you are interested in working with Meg, click here to send her a note: https://megsylvester.com/getstarted/

Remember….nothing changes until you change something.



If you’re ready to live a life that lights you up, read this

Not too long ago, I shared this image on social media, and the response was crazy. I received messages from all sorts of women asking me how I did it. How I lost the weight. And how I totally transformed my life. And the truth is…I’m not magic. I just committed to a process.


live a life that lights you up


The biggest difference between these two girls isn’t the 40 pounds that was shed.   

It isn’t the cleared up skin or the absence of daily migraines. It isn’t the fact that one couldn’t fall asleep to save her life and the other one sleeps like a baby.   

It’s not even that one no longer has to take prescription meds for depression.   

Yeah, those are definitely amazing perks of my transformational journey…but the biggest difference is that the girl on the right, the one who’s comfortable in a crop top…that girl is no longer at war with herself.   

I always thought that once I finally got the right job, or finally lost the weight THEN I’d be happy. I thought once I had energy again THEN I’d be happy. I also thought that once I got my crazy quirks straightened out – like bouncing from one idea to the next – that I’d finally be happy.  

But then the shifts started happening and bit by bit, I began to realize that I was so much more than a physical shell of muscles and bones. I began to realize that the reason I was bouncing around so much was that I was trying to fit into a box of what I thought everyone else wanted me to be in.  

I realized that prioritizing my growth and development as a human was not a luxury, it was essential.  

The big difference between these two girls is that one of them thought self-care was silly and that intuition was mumbo-jumbo, the other one now knows that those are the keys to a miraculous life.

One of these girls woke up and was bold enough to explore her truest, highest self. One of these girls said yes to a journey of awakening and happiness. One of these girls is completely comfortable in her own skin because she knows she is so much more than that.  

I’m sharing this because I want this for whoever is ready. I completely transformed my life. And I thank myself every single day for answering the urge. (and ps – I did this while in school, as a mom of two, and working a full-time job).


I’ve created an entire program to take you through your own transformation


So here’s the deal, my love…

I’ve created a 4 month Coaching Program to help you pinpoint what’s holding you back (there’s these nasty little things called limiting beliefs, fear based patterns, and lower vibrational states…I’ll help you uncover them!). We’ll replace those old patterns with new ones specifically tailored for you. We’ll work out any kinks and figure out how to navigate through challenges.

My approach is based on my unique four step process:

  1. RELEASE: Living a miraculous, happy life starts by drawing awareness to and learning how to release negative, unhealthy belief systems and habits.  
  2. REPLENISH: A commitment to replenishing those facets with beliefs, habits and patterns that light you up and bring happiness to your life.  
  3. REVIVE Through committed and sustained effort, you will begin to revive those areas of your life that once felt dull and like they were holding you back – your health, your well-being, your outlook on life…  
  4. (my fave): THRIVE. Once you have finally transformed your fear based patterns into those of love you will begin to thrive. And I’m not talking just physically. I’m talking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Because you are a whole package.


Look what Amanda M said:

“Signing up for Meg’s coaching package was one of the easiest decisions my super anxious, over-questioning (is that even a word?) brain has made. My inner self had been secretly waiting for her to start coaching for quite some time. You see, I had been following Meg’s own journey and I loved watching her transformation. She’s was always beautiful and fun, but seeing her soul truly light up and come through her posts on social media, sent a longing to my heart. Meg took me as I was and worked with me from there. She didn’t just ask me generic questions, she listened and spoke to me and my heart. Knowing I enjoy facts and learning, she also would incorporate that into my lessons, as well as forwarding me information to read. She helped me focus on my total self – mind, body, and spirit. Also, she knows how important my faith is to me and was very respectful of that, which I appreciate so very much. I loved that she was both available and intentional – even when I was extra needy! She also didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear or what would make me temporarily happy, she lovingly pushed me to understand my feelings and call them out to understand and deal with them. For the first time in my life, I’m able to journal how I’m feeling.  

For years, I’ve been so focused on my weight and body image issues. She has helped me with nutrition and getting me on the right track to feeding my body what it needs. Now, I’m on a path I feel confident about. The most surprising thing I’ve found working with Meg, is that after taking her advice and focusing on being still, just breathing and relaxing, taking walks for the sheer joy of taking in nature (instead of for exercise), I was able to lose some weight. My body has been holding onto so much stress for so long, that letting it go really started allowing my body to lose weight!  

There’s nothing I can type that can convey all of my feelings. If you are like me and have tried to feel better by dieting, exercise, counselors, etc that may have helped a little, but never really worked, then I implore you to try Meg. Having one person connect everything together is life-changing, and I believe Meg is that person!”
– Amanda M.

…And Julie K.

“Thank you so much for everything! I’m so much more energetic, even with the cold that I have. It’s so crazy to think about how my life has changed in just 5 weeks. I’m so excited to see what the next several months have to offer for me as well. I’m down 17 — SEVENTEEN — pounds!!!! since we started!!  Everyone needs a little Meg Sylvester in their life! You have been so amazing to work with! Goodness — I’d probably be taking my wedding gown out rather than in if it weren’t for you.” – Julie K


If you are ready to:


  • Bust through old unhealthy habits that no longer serve you  
  • Drop the juggling act and gain control of your life  
  • Lose weight and feel energized  
  • Discover how to tackle symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, migraines, acne, and bloating  
  • Learn how to properly respond to stress and anxiety  
  • Gracefully incorporate lasting healthy habits into your household

If you know there’s more to life than this. If you are ready to do the damn thing. If you are ready to stop skimming through life and start living, then make this the day you decide to take action.


I have a special type of client that I love working with. Those who are kind and compassionate. Those who are open to new ideas. Those who are ready to welcome love into all facets of their life – especially for themselves.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • 16 private coaching sessions by phone
  • 2 Intuitive Card Reading + Guidance Session
  • Email and text support between sessions
  • Accountability, Support, and Compassion from me, the person who is ready to walk you through to the other side.
  • 2 “Oh Shit” Calls for those melt-down moments
  • Access to all of my Functional Medicine Food Plans, Mind-Body Medicine techniques, plus more
  • Plus a free welcome gift that I know you’ll love




If you want to learn more, simply message me here


Can’t wait to talk with you!





How to Gain Clarity, Motivation and Focus so You Can Finally Accomplish Your Goals

When it comes to accomplishing a goal, I have found that there are two major types of  blocks that stop us. The first being a lack of clarity around what you really want. And the second being the motivation and tenacity to keep at it.


Have you ever said something along the lines of “I just want to follow my passion, start my own business or use my gifts to make a living” without really knowing what your passion or business idea is?


Or maybe you find yourself just kind of floating through your day with no real definite intention. You just kind of allow yourself to be pulled in whatever direction is tugging at you, never really feeling like the day is yours.  You laugh when you’re supposed to laugh, but you also allow outside factors, people and situations to totally screw with you and stress you out. You appreciate what you have. But sometimes you feel like you are just watching life happen around you rather than directly, actively participating in it.


Or maybe you’ve tried to get healthier. Maybe lose a couple of pounds. Maybe eat more veggies. But inevitably you lose focus during the day and grab the  soda or sugary snack and tell yourself that you’ll try again tomorrow.


I know how that feels, because I was there for so many years. Just falling back into one cycle after another, never really feeling like I was in control. It’s so hard to make a true shift in your life when you have nothing grounding you to your goals. Imagine trying to pass a test if you never had a book to read, a teacher to share information with you, or time to yourself to study. It would be pretty hard right?


Your dreams need a foundation to grow from. Clarity, focus and motivation are all mindset attributes that require nourishment. Accomplishing a goal and gaining clarity become so much easier when specific strategies and techniques are implemented.


That’s where my 21 Day Keep up to Transform Challenge comes in.


I designed this challenge to promote clarity, focus, and motivation to give you a beautiful foundation for your hopes, dreams and goals.  Through committed practice, you will start to notice a mindset shift. Peace of mind, clarity, and a strengthened connection to the Universe are all benefits you can expect.


The challenge uses a specific Kundalini Yoga practice called Keep-Up’s and lasts approximately 7 minutes a day. You will receive weekly journal prompts to help you clearly define your priorities and goals. Along with the journal prompts, weekly group coaching calls will be held to support your practice. In addition you will receive a daily motivational email and be invited to join a private facebook group for a beautiful extra layer of support. Imagine a community of like minded people who are all ready to cheer you on? Sounds awesome right? (it is!!)


By combining each of the facets of the challenge and committing to the daily practice beautiful breakthroughs will happen.


If you are ready to:

  • Gain more clarity and focus
  • Bust through blocks that are holding you back from going after what you truly desire
  • Release old patterns that no longer serve you
  • Become totally motivated
  • Feel supported
  • Accomplish your goals


You can join the challenge now by clicking  here! The next challenge starts on February 3rd, 2018! 


To learn more about the challenge click here


Do This Intention Setting Ritual to Create a Life that Lights You Up

Do This Intention Setting Ritual to Create a Life that Lights You Up. Focused, consistent, and clear thoughts have the power to bring into form whatever it is you desire. Manifesting, though, goes far beyond just wanting something. You have to get clear. You have to feel it, and you have to get intentional.

I know this, because I have experienced the power of manifesting in my own life – professionally, financially, and personally. Build the life of your dreams by using clear and powerful thoughts and with this gorgeous intention setting ritual.


Step 1: Create your space


Find a room that has a good energy and you feel at peace in. Clear away any clutter. Light a few candles. If you enjoy burning incense or diffusing essential oils, the do so. Do whatever you need to make the space cozy and dreamy. I like setting out a few crystals to and turning on a Himalayan salt lamp.


Before you begin, set your desires for the Intention setting Ritual by repeating this prayer:

“I am ready, willing, and able to live the life of my dreams. I co-create with the Universe. I graciously receive. I am love.”


Step 2: Dream It


Select one of your favorite, high-vibe songs (I love Rise Up by Andra Day and The Greatest by SIA). As you listen, breathe in feelings of gratitude, appreciation & joy. Your only responsibility here is to transport yourself into a vibration of gratitude for this intention setting ritual.


Once your song has ended open up your journal and begin to write about the life of your dreams. Money is no object. There is only joy. Dream big. This is your chance to create the grandest vision possible of your life. Don’t worry about how it will all happen. Just write whatever your heart desires.


What are you doing? Where are you? How do you feel?


Step 3.  See It.


Grab your headphones and listen to the song, Ek Ong Kar. This is a kundalini chant specifically for manifesting. As you listen to the sacred words put a picture and a feeling to your dream. See it. Don’t judge the images, just let them come – you may be surprised. Simply receive the images.


Once the song has ended, write down what you saw.


Step 4.  Say It.


Create I AM affirmation statements based off your vision. These are your intention setting statements. Always write your I AM statement in a positive expression. For example rather than saying “I AM not sick” or “I AM not in debt” You could write “I AM healthy” or “I AM Financially secure”.

Try to write your I AM statement as though it is already happening. For example, rather than “I AM going to be healthy” simply write “ I AM healthy”.


Examples of I AM statements:


  • I am a six-figure business owner.
  • I am a person with clear, radiant skin.
  • I am the picture of health.
  • I am joyfully abundant.
  • I am a published author.
  • I am a mother.
  • I am in a committed, healthy relationship.
  • I am a homeowner.


As a last step to this intention setting ritual you may want to create vision board. Use images that give you happy feelings and represent what you want to attract into your life. Keep the board in a place where you see it everyday. You may also want to include your I AM statements on your board as well!



For Continued Support of your Intention Setting:

Look at your vision board daily. Repeat your I AM statements daily. Meditate on your intentions. Give thanks as though your intentions have already happened. As you begin your day, your mediation, or a moment of mindfulness, say this prayer “Dear Universe, tell me what to do, where to go, what to say and to whom. I trust that I am being guided. I know that I am supported and that everything is happening in perfect order. Thank you, Universe.



Meg Sylvester is a Spiritual Success and Wellness Coach who works with clients to create a life that light them up. To learn more about her work, click here

How to Become a Morning Person

WHY on earth would I WANT to become a morning person?! ….would have been my response to this a few years ago. I love sleep. Back then, when I had it my way, I would sleep until the very last minute and then rush my way through the mornings. This wasn’t helping anything though. My days felt crammed, scattered, and a little out of control.

Becoming a morning person has been one of the most miracle bearing shifts I’ve created in my life. My morning time is where I give myself the silence I need to charge my batteries and open up my mind for the day to come. It’s the time I enjoy most now. Since becoming a morning person, I have more energy and clarity throughout the day and am generally in a better mood. I notice a big difference in my productivity and energy levels on the days where I shrug off my morning time. Read on to find out how I became a morning person.

  1. Baby Steps – it’s a difficult transition to all of the sudden start waking up an entire hour earlier than you have been. Make it easy in yourself…start small. For the first two weeks, set your alarm for only 10 minutes earlier than normal. You can build your way up, adding an extra 5 minutes each week.
  2. Get enough sleep – make sure you know what time you  need to go to sleep to ensure you get the proper amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours is best!) Shut down electronics 1-2 hours before putting your head on the pillow to ensure better sleep quality.
  3. Avoid screens in the morning – I encourage my clients to either get an alarm clock (this is my fave!) and plug their phones in an entirely different room, OR if using your phone as an alarm plug it in in the opposite corner of the room so that their first action upon rising isn’t looking at a screen. Avoid looking at a screen until after you have completed step 4 (below)
  4. Select a quiet morning activity – the key here is quiet and contemplative. Some great options are lighting a candle and taking deep breaths while gazing into the flame. Practicing a light yoga flow like Sun Salutation. Reading an uplifting, self-development book, doing a guided meditation, writing in a gratitude journal, or simply sitting in silence and listening to your breath. Just pick one and commit to it for the next week. If it doesn’t feel right after the first week, select a new one. But just be willing to give this new routine some time to sink in and feel good.
  5. Set a timer – Since you are only waking up 10 minutes early, start out by engaging in your selected activity for 5-7 minutes (assuming it took you a few minutes to get out of bed). By setting a timer, you won’t be bothered by the need to keep checking a clock. You can just relax and know that your timer will let you know when it’s time to close out your activity. (You may have to look at a screen for just a moment here)
  6. Once your “me” time is complete give a moment of thanks. Thank yourself and your body for the ritual and the time. Smile, breathe, and begin your day on a tranquil note.

Once you have this routine in place and it feels natural to you, you can begin to think about building on as you add more time. Maybe adding a bit of stretching or journaling to your current practice. Or maybe you’d like to meditate longer. Whatever you do, be gentle on yourself and don’t cram too much into this. Let it be easy and just for you.


Confused on how to start? Need a game plan and some accountability to get you moving confidently down the path you most want to be on. I am here to help. There are lots of ways we can work together. Let’s chat to discover how we can best work together to get you feeling your absolute best – mind, body, and soul. Click here to send me a message – let me know what’s on your mind.

My 60 Second Stress Buster

In need of a 60 Second Stress Buster during the holiday season? Look  no further.

No matter how dedicated to being a Zen master you are, stressful situations will always arise. The kids will may get a little crazy, something in the oven may burn, the dog may get out…you know the drill. BUT, living a stress-free life isn’t about trying to create a life where stressful incidents don’t exist (that’s completely impossible!), it’s about how we respond to these situations. It is our response to these events which marks them as stressful…or not.

It is your responsibility to chose your response and use tools to gracefully guide you through the situation. Basically it’s up to you to build your stress busting tool box. Today, I am giving you one of my favorite tools to add to your stress-response toolbox (so next time Aunt Sally brings up the political situation at the dinner table, you know what to do.)

SO next time you find yourself in a stressful situation remember; HOW you choose to respond can either create or negate stress.

My 60 second stress buster:

Begin by exhaling all of the air out of your body by contracting your abs and pushing them to the back of your abdomen. You are emptying out your vessel.

On your inhale, you are going to expand your belly allowing it to fill up with air.

On your next exhale, you are going to once again contract and make your belly tighter.

Inhale for 5, exhale for 7. Do this for a full minute.

What you are doing is called belly breathing. Belly Breathing triggers your vagus nerve which tells your body to relax (the opposite of that fight or flight state that creates stress in our body).

Have you ever watched a baby breathe. Their sweet little bellies get bigger on the inhale and contract on the exhale. We are born knowing how to belly breathe, but somewhere along the way we lose that and breathe from our chest leading to shallow breathing. By taking longer, slower, deeper breaths we physiologically create  a more relaxed response in our body.

By simply paying attention to your breathe and breathing purposefully we can negate that stressful feelings that usually arise in chaotic or unfavorable situations. Pretty amazing we were born with this ability, right?!

For more mediations and centering exercises to help you through the holiday season try these:

Cultivating Self Compassion

Processing Negative Emotions

Stop Restless Thoughts

Cultivating Self-Compassion

We are a culture that does not emphasize self-compassion. Let’s face it, we are hard on our selves.


I believe it is because we lack compassion for ourselves. We go so fast throughout our day that we rarely remember to give ourselves a pat on the back or recognize a job well done (no matter how big or small). But we so easily remember the things that didn’t go as planned, that we think we failed out, we remember the job not-so-well-done. We find it incredibly hard to take a compliment and way too often dish out statements of self deprecation. Imagine if someone said to you the things you say about yourself when you are being self deprecating – you probably would be totally insulted right?

This week, let’s try to put away the self-deprecating talk and put into practice a simple exercise to cultivate self-compassion. Try this practice when feeling lonely.

Start by sitting in a quiet place free of distraction.

Set a timer for 5, 7 or 10 minutes depending on how much time you have to give.

Light a few candles. Begin taking long slow breaths.

Gently place one hand on your heart, and the other on your belly.

With your eyes closed, begin to imagine yourself as a child.

Imagine that child represented as a  beautiful brilliant light. It doesn’t matter what the color is.

Now imagine that light filling your body.

Breathe into that light. Inhale and the light shines brighter. Exhale and the light grows bigger, taking up more space in your body.

Either silently or aloud say the words, I love you, as you inhale.

As you exhale, simply allow yourself to feel whatever feeling arises.

Keep repeating until your timer goes off.

If you have found that your thoughts wandered during this practice. That’s OK. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. Keep at it. Remember this is a practice. Keep practicing.

You are a beautiful bright light, my love. Give yourself the time and space to cultivate the appreciation for all that is you.

Sat Nam


For other practices to guide you on your path try these:

4 Steps to Processing Negative Emotions

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ps – if you are just starting out with your practice and are having trouble finding a comfy way to sit, try this beautiful mediation pillow



4 Steps to Processing Negative Emotions so You Can Get On With Your Life

In such a fast paced world, numbing our feelings has gotten to be so easy. What with social media, fast food, netflix, and a bar around every corner, it’s gotten so easy for us to numb whatever we are feeling. This isn’t healthy. Numbing our emotions only brings them back to us. If we keep numbing, we can’t get to the root of why we are feeling a certain way…which is a sure fire sign that the emotion or the situation that causes the emotion will just keep coming back. Rather than numb, we can process. Click the link below to check out my 4 steps to processing and getting over negative emotions. 

  1. Feel the Feelings: This can be the hardest part, because this is where the numbing usually wants to come and have it’s fun. When you feel an emotion coming on, sit with it. Don’t intellectualize it by trying to put a name to it. Just feel it. Where do you feel it in your body? What does it feel like? Sit with this feeling for about 2 minutes. Take a deep breath, then…
  2.  Write it Out: Grab a pen and paper, or flip your journal open to a fresh page and just write it out. When you are writing really try to get at the root of the emotion. With every statement you declare, follow it with a why? Write out your answer to WHY you feel that way. Keep going down, down, down until you feel you’ve reached the root. And don’t worry, this takes practice. You may not reach the root the first few times. But honor yourself by allowing for this practice to grow.
  3. Read and Process: Give yourself some time to read through what you wrote. Go back through, read slowly and then surrender it. Ask yourself: Am I willing to see this in a different way? You don’t have to find that different way right now…just commit to being willing. The new way to perceive may come to you in a few minutes, an hour, or a few days. But just know that you have committed to a willingness to see whatever has set you off in a new light.
  4. Say Goodbye: Take the piece of paper and dispose of it safely in one of two ways. Either burn it or flush it. There’s something very cathartic about watching a piece of paper with what were once such strong emotions just burn away. ( for safety: Do this over the kitchen or bathroom sink please!!) Once you’ve disposed of the writing, take a few deep breaths, smile, and get on with your day.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you tried this? Let me know what you think and what shifts you’ve experienced since trying it out!


Stop Restless Thoughts with this Practice

Do you get carried away with restless thoughts? Distracted by rabbit holes – chasing a thought down, down, down until you are so caught up in it you can’t get out? Or maybe you’re easily susceptible to impulse buys (yeah…I’m still a work in progress on this one). The thing is, we do not have to be slaves to our restless thoughts. By shifting from the slave to the observer you can start selecting the thoughts  you want to roll with and filtering out those that simply do not serve you. You start creating a world the feels right to you – rather than a world that’s spinning all around you, or a world that you are just skimming through.

I have a beautiful practice to help you attune to the observer role and break free from the impulsive, repetitive or restless thoughts. You can use it at any moment…during a meditation, out shopping, while eating, during or after a conversation…

The Practice:

If you are able to close your eyes, do so. If not, no biggie…just try to “feel” the visual.

Begin to take long, purposeful breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale deeply through the mouth (if you’re in front of someone, exhaling through the nose is perfectly ok)

Begin by asking yourself “Does this really matter?”

Let that sink in for a few moments. …Does this REALLY matter??

While inhaling, envision a ball of energy forming and growing smaller and more concentrated the deeper your inhale gets.

On the exhale, imagine that ball turning into an animal that can fly (I like to use a butterfly, but a bird could work perfectly). As you exhale through your mouth visualize the animal gently flying away.

Keep repeating the process.

If you need an extra layer of support…if your thoughts are really going and the mind is extra chatty. Incorporate the word “Here” as you inhale. and “Now” as you exhale.

Now, I know when you read this, it seems like a lot to do. But go ahead and give it a try. It’s a beautiful, relaxing strategy that puts your thoughts into perspective. If you give yourself enough time to go through the breathing, by the time you open your eyes…you should know if “it really matters”.

Gently become the observer of your thoughts. Witness them rolling through like waves on an ocean. Decide which ones to jump over and which one you want to ride. YOU decide. The thoughts don’t.


Sat Nam



Light the flame of self-love with this practice

These two words hold the power to fuel your focus, the feelings you carry, and the life you manifest for yourself. Just think about it. Think about the picture you project of your life when you speak words like “I am LONELY, SAD, DEPRESSED, POOR”. The more you speak, the more you feel. The more you feel, the more you start to see those words and feelings show up in your life. This week, start to become mindful of the words that follow, “I AM”. Let the words that follow be the words you wish to see for yourself. Try these on for size, “I am EMPOWERED, HAPPY, JOYOUS, STRONG, WELL-EQUPIPPED, ABUNDANT”. As one of my teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, said… “You will see it when you believe it”. This week, find the words and feelings that you want to manifest in your life and believe it. Feel the words. I AM HAPPY. I AM LOVE. I AM ENOUGH! This week, I have a beautiful practice to wrap around this mantra. This practices enhances the power of the words and will light you up!


The I AM Ritual

…for the life you wish to manifest

These two words hold the power to fuel your focus, the feelings you carry, and the life you manifest for yourself. Just think about it. Think about the picture you project of your life when you speak words like “I am LONELY, SAD, DEPRESSED, POOR”. The more you speak, the more you feel. The more you feel, the more you start to see those words and feelings show up in your life. This week, start to become mindful of the words that follow, “I AM”. Let the words that follow be the words you wish to see for yourself. Try these on for size, “I am EMPOWERED, HAPPY, JOYOUS, STRONG, WELL-EQUPIPPED, ABUNDANT”. As one of my teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, said… “You will see it when you believe it”. This week, find the words and feelings that you want to manifest in your life and believe it. Feel the words. I AM HAPPY. I AM LOVE. I AM ENOUGH! This week, I have a beautiful practice to wrap around this mantra. This practices enhances the power of the words and will light you up!


After you’ve taken a shower or bath, approach the mirror. Look deeply into your eyes and focus on the word you wish to manifest in your life. Maybe it’s “enough”, “strong”, “totally capable”, “happy” or “abundant”. Take several deep breaths, holding an image of the word in your mind’s eye.  With each inhale, act as though you are breathing the word into your body. With each exhale, release any tension

your body may be responding with. After repeating several breaths like this, gently open your eyes. The repeat your “ I AM “ sentence out loud five times, while gazing deeply into your own eyes. Do this every time you exit the shower / bath while you are feeling relaxed. You may feel a little silly at first. You might not even be able to look in your own eyes at first and say these things out loud. But think about that. What does that say about your current state? Let’s work on getting to a place where you can psyche yourself up. Where you can trust yourself and honor these most beautiful and powerful words. Give yourself the gift of doing this practice every day for the next 2 weeks and let’s see what happens.

Lots of Love,