Do you think your kitchen is in need of an overhaul?

Do you want to more easily achieve your health and wellness goals? Are you confused with all the information swirling around out there? This VIP package is perfect for those who know they are ready to put healthier food on the table but aren’t quite sure how to get started.

Kitchen Cleanup:

We will look at the foods and products contained in your kitchen, either on location or virtually. I will evaluate the contents of your kitchen and suggest healthier replacements. Then, we can discuss new foods to start incorporating, based on your preferences and goals, to empower you with the tools to move forward in creating a home where real food rules. I’ve got a husband and kids, so I know all about the art of the gradual overhaul!

Grocery Buddy:

Either virtually or on site, I will take you on a tour through your local grocery store. This is the time to learn about reading ingredient lists and knowing where to find the healthy alternatives. We’ll discuss the strategies and techniques to navigate your way through the aisles and how to quickly recognize the foods (and food-like products) that are sabotaging your goals. After this tour, you will feel confident that the food you are selecting will nourish your body and put your mind at ease.

The Game Plan:

We’ll work together to create a week’s worth of meal ideas – breakfast, lunch, and dinner - for you and your family to enjoy. The meals will be easy to cook and based off of the preferences of your household and budget.