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Escapes that Empower You to Level Up

Imagine this...

You’ve checked out from the hustle and landed in a beautiful setting with…

  • organic meals that beam with loving energy

  • a crew of women who are deeply inspired, purpose driven, and spiritually aware, like you

  • a soulful, supportive and strategic mentor in your corner

…for epic inner work that will transform not only how you feel in your skin but how you operate in life.

This is a space for you to shine a light on what’s really keeping you stuck in life so that you can start clearing away the debris of old wounds, core beliefs, and habits that no longer serve or align with your greater purpose on the planet—in real time.

The Experience

Surrounded by the sacred elements of nature, the divine feminine, and new soul sisters, Meg’s events are devoted to your growth and evolution while giving you space to do you.

  • Nourishing Meals. Food to inspire your mind & body.

  • Daily Meditation. Experience 60+ minutes of meditation daily.

  • Daily Circle. Share openly about your greatest dreams and blocks.

  • Daily Kundalini. Ground into yourself through sacred movement.

  • Daily Journaling. Reconnect with yourself every day.

  • Daily Coaching. Receive 1:1 guidance from me + group support.

The Results

You are ready to expand, to deepen, to become the leader you’re meant to be. And a soulful retreat or workshop is the catalyst for that mega growth you’re after.

  • Tangible tools and strategies for momentum in your life

  • A renewed level of consciousness and awareness about yourself

  • A deep connection to your spiritual practice

  • Soul sisters who see and support you fully.

  • Feeling healed and more rooted in your purpose than ever before

  • And more!

Retreats and Live Events

Manifest Miracles Retreat

Manifest Miracles Retreat: A 5 Night Manifestation Retreat!

May 11th - 16th

Spend a weekend unwinding and diving into wellness for the mind body, and soul.

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Costa Rica Retreat

A Journey of Sisterhood, Service and Self Awakening: Transformational Traveling in Guatemala!

October 8th - 13th

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Live Events and Workshops

Band of Sisters Healing Circles - Austin, TX

Held monthly!

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The Praise

“Are you feeling stuck, feeling emotions you are not quite sure of, ready to unleash your true self and find your life's passion and purpose? Joining Meg on one of her retreats is a gift to yourself that will open your eyes, ignite your own fire and connect you to yourself in ways you may not yet have an envisioned. You will intuitively know if Meg is a good fit for you, all I recommend is you LISTEN to that intuition, you will be forever changed.”

CEO and Founder of Nanda Journeys
The Praise

“Meg created a safe place for women to look deep into their hearts, souls, and memories with the goal of helping each of us to let go and move forward. Meg provided a structure to teach us different tools, show us how to use them (yoga, guided meditation, guided self-reflection, transformative breath), and ask questions. She is such a kind and caring person, and really took the time to ensure that everyone felt supported, comfortable, and heard. For the first time in a long time, I was able to physically feel like I'd finally let something go without medication or substances, and I couldn't have gotten there without Meg and this workshop. It is hard to remember sometimes how much just slowing down and breathing can change your entire perception of a situation.”

Morgan Constantino
The Praise

“This retreat was everything I needed! Meg is an amazing host, teacher, healer, and friend. The balance of self-work, and group work was perfect. It was heartfelt, emotional, beautiful, and inspiring. I met so many beautiful new friends and I have so many new tools to practice at home. I would absolutely go again! Thank you, Meg for opening my eyes to the possibilities! Thank you for helping me reconnect with myself and nature. Thank you from my whole heart! <3"

The Praise

“I released blocks that kept me from moving forward. I released a healthy helping of fear. Now I am inspired to tackle the goals I have been dreaming about for the last 5 years. This retreat pulled me out of my chaotic life and never-ending mental acrobatics long enough to breathe and decipher the noise from the path. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to grow. Attending this retreat showed me that I have everything Inside my soul to create my own destiny and happiness. That by connecting to my fears and clearing the murkiness (as painful as it might be) I am setting a higher energetic frequency for myself and those I come into contact with.”

Recording Artist and Musician
The Praise

"Meg has helped me identify and dissect the fearful thought patterns that kept me so resistant to doing my work and enjoying my life. She helped me bring awareness to the exact moments when my thoughts start to sabotage me, and she has given me the tools to interfere and remain in a high vibration."

The Praise

“Meg is one of those totally special people capable of changing lives because she truly cares about the welfare of others. She is smart, organized, focused, but most importantly tuned into you. In five sessions with Meg, I crafted a complete business plan, started journaling - something I have been putting off forever, developed goals which were accomplished within the 5 sessions - much to my amazement.”


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