Work With Me - Meg Sylvester

Karmic Transformation to Reach Your Big Vision

It's time.

To rise into your highest calling by releasing the thoughts that limit you.

You don’t just want a framework to follow or an online course to self-study. You want private, personalized, high-touch coaching that will finally get you aligned with your purpose and on the road to building your spiritual business.

This Private Coaching Experience was designed for the purpose-driven seeker like you who wants to...

  • do the personal growth necessary to reach your biggest business milestones

  • connect with your team of angels, entities, and spiritual guides to more deeply connect with your mission

  • discover and transform the subconscious programming that’s playing under the surface and holding you back

  • receive both intuitive and strategic guidance to course-correct key elements of your message and marketing

What to Expect

The Shift

Leveraging my intuitive gifts, I’ll uncover and diagnose the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from your greatness. And reflect back to you the misalignments that are present between your big dreams and the thoughts and habits you carry with you every single day.

Once we’re clear, we can begin reprogramming the energy within the body and transmute the subconscious beliefs. An experience that feels deeply healing and cathartic.

The Visioning

Next, it’s time to get clear and to connect with the soulful business vision that lives inside you; to powerfully root into your truth so you can become an energetic match for the clients you’re destined to serve.

The Results

  • An exciting pathway forward for your business

  • Clarity about how to market yourself authentically

  • Deep confidence in yourself and your purpose on the planet

  • A powerful connection to your creativity and intuition

  • A trust in the unfolding of your life and an awareness of the opportunities right in front of you

  • A building momentum in your business that you can feel and see

  • Support and Guidance with setting up your spiritual business - like newsletters, scheduling platforms, packages, offerings, etc

  • Marketing Guidance - defining your ideal customer, market research, using social media for business, creating freebies, content support, and help with writing, plus more.

  • And more!

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The Praise

Before I started working with Meg, my life was in complete uncertainty. I knew there was more, I knew I wanted more, I knew I was made for more but I did not know how to get that more. I was anxious, tired, and lost. I honestly felt as If I were on a roller coaster and I couldn't get off. My family and my work was affected by the terrible moods I would find myself in.These moods came from a place I couldn't explain. I wanted to start a health and fitness business, but most importantly I wanted to be able to laugh. I wanted to be able to see the woman in the mirror and she reflect the person I felt was ready to burst out. My business at this time was a thought. It was something I had dreamed about for years, but I would given up because I was so discourage. I would see other people's success and start comparing myself, and simply give up.

While I worked with Meg, she helped me find my true self again. She helped me uncover my true passion, gifts, and confidence to make my business not just a dream, but a reality. I have since been able to smile, laugh, love, and see life from a completely different lens. Working with Meg I was given love, support, guidance, exceptional advice, accountability, and so much more. Meg gave me the courage and confidence to step outside my comfort zone and stop playing it safe. I went from a health and fitness business to a life coach who helps women on a mind, body, and soul level. I help women find their health from the inside out. It it wasn't for Meg this would still be a dream, or I would still be playing it safe and small.

As a result of my work with Meg I have created my business and have active clients. I am confident in my business and I strive for bigger and better daily; and that is due to Meg.

I recommend working with Meg because not only is she an exceptional leader and passionate about what she does; but she is invested in you! She allows you to dream big and shows you your true worth even when you can't see it. She knows her shit and will guide you along the way to being the best version of you. This is the only way you can show up and run the successful business you dream of. All in all Meg is an amazing mentor and friend that I will have for a life time. I love this Girl!!!!

Spiritual Life Coach
The Praise

Before making the decision to do coaching with Meg I was apprehensive and fearful about taking the step forward. It was a big investment and I wasn’t sure if it was the best move for me financially. I thought “but what if this turns out to be the best thing I have ever done and changes my life?” Well, that’s exactly what happened.

When I started coaching with Meg I was overtaken by my anxiety and felt lost and unsure of myself and my purpose. I was searching for fulfillment, connection, and certainty. Meg held a safe space for me to heal from past traumas, rewrite limiting beliefs and patterns holding me back, discover my purpose and begin to step fully into it, and SO much more. I am no longer crippled by anxiety, I know my purpose and speak my truth, I am going to school to become a holistic health coach, I have a regular meditation practice, became a Reiki practitioner, established a strong connection with Source, manifested the cutest little car, mended broken relationships, overcame fears, the list goes on and on!

Simply put, Meg is an angel on earth here to help women like us step fully into their purpose and create a fulfilling life that they love. She is here for this, for me and for you! I am eternally grateful for my time with her and all of the ways she has supported me in my evolution.

Meg, from the bottom of my heart - thank you, thank you, thank you. Ladies who are interested in working with Meg, you’re being called to her for a reason - listen to that call, you won’t be disappointed

Holistic Health Coach
The Praise

Before I started working with Meg, I felt frazzled and had a lot of emotional ups and downs. I knew I had a lot of potential, but I felt pulled in every direction. I didn’t know what actions to take to move forward with my business because i had built up so much resistance from all the previous unsuccessful efforts.

Meg has helped me identify and dissect the fearful thought patterns that kept me so resistant to doing my work and enjoying my life. She helped me bring awareness to the exact moments when my thoughts start to sabotage me and she has given me the tools to interfere and remain in a high vibration.

She was very tuned in to my specific needs during each session and her guided meditations provided insurmountable amounts of relief. I felt so light, grounded and confident in my own guidance. She is down to earth, light hearted and a beacon for unconditional love.

As a result of my work with Meg I have been able to find so much more joy in every day and every single action. I have found the pleasure and confidence in my work and I have strengthened my connection to Source and my guidance system. I no longer feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster, but instead I’m embracing the uncertainties of each day and building a solid foundation for my life and my faith.”

Visionary Artist
The Praise

"My life & business before Meg was very unorganized.

I had a very bad relationship with money and never was satisfied with how big or little my wins were in my own personal health & fitness coaching business.

Meg is such an amazing, organized, talented, & intelligent woman. She is a true boss-lady & rocking her entrepreneurship 10x.

I was looking for a coach like Meg for a long time. Someone who could not just assist me with my online business but someone who I could share my personal struggles with & not be worried about any type of judgment. She helps me work through the darkness when it seems to creep up & reminds me to celebrate my wins in life when I don't even realize they are a win sometimes.

Meg has changed my life and I am forever in her debt. She has a special healing power and technique that is truly unique and a heart of gold.

If I had to use 3 words to describe her they would be Magical, Powerful, & Assertiveness"

The Praise

"When I reached out to Meg, my business solely existed on seeing patients one on one. My ultimate goal was to help empower people on a more massive scale, but I didn’t know what this looked like, or how to pivot my dreams into a reality. From our first session, Meg possessed an amazing ability to dig deep into my psyche and was able to identify my true desires immediately. She helped structure my goals in ways that provided new inspiration and helped me focus on the things that really mattered for launching myself into even more of a soul fulfilling, purposeful, heart-centered space.

While I worked with Meg, our weekly sessions became a source of total nourishment for me. Our sessions varied greatly; we discussed marketing strategies, wrote website copy, created an Instagram feed, designed a Facebook page, and also found time to journal, laugh, and cry. She provided a healing space for me to dream big dreams and share my visions without fear. She listened in times of frustration and provided emotional support as needed. She is a powerhouse, a healer, and a truly creative genius.

Since working with Meg, I have released the self-limiting beliefs I once carried. I rise with purpose in my craft, knowing I do not have to be on one path only. In addition to my private practice, I am currently involved in a multitude of creative projects, including writing a book, co-hosting women’s retreats globally, and empowering people through sacred healing circles. I have accomplished more in the last few months working with Meg than in the last two years combined. If you are looking for true authenticity and are ready to catapult yourself into a new dimension, Meg is the ultimate visionary!"

Holistic Health Practitioner
The Praise

“While I worked with Meg she helped me dig into the heavy stuff. You know, the feelings that make you want to hide and binge eat Christmas cookies till your stomach hurts while you cry in a closet because all you do is work, you don’t know how to set boundaries, or tell people, “No.” Meg helped me decide what I wanted and who I wanted to be.

She helped me set goals that not only mirrored my plans but that were achievable. And she checked in and held me accountable. She responded to my panicked text messages when situations threw me off my path. And she set me straight when I was sabotaging my own goals because they were big and I was scared.

Not only have I succeeded and made huge accomplishments at work and in my relationships as a result of her coaching and support, but I love myself. Like, really and truly love myself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful. ♥️ Keep your third eye on the prize.”

Angela Pierce
Real Estate Agent
The Praise

“Meg is one of those totally special people capable of changing lives because she truly cares about the welfare of others. She is smart, organized, focused, but most importantly tuned into you. In five sessions with Meg, I crafted a complete business plan, started journaling - something I have been putting off forever, developed goals which were accomplished within the 5 sessions - much to my amazement.

After each session I received a complete rundown of all we discussed and plans for the coming week. Her gift is knowing how much to push and when to be step back. She will not let you fail. She will offer many possibilities and allow you to select those which resonate with you. She is strong but soft, fun, lighthearted, intelligent and just a blast to work with. She will always be on your side and never let you down. That's MEG!”

Holistic Coach

The 4 Month Commitment

Perfect for those who are ready to go all in and launch their big vision into reality. You are excited and committed to taking massive action and are ready for a major up-level in your life. We’ll work together to get to the root of your fears so that you can transcend them and step fully and confidently into your power.

You’ll get clear on your vision and will receive the accountability and guidance to get you there. You can expect to deepen your spiritual practice and experience perception shifts that support your evolution. We’ll have plenty of light bulb moments resulting in full-body chills and that excite you to take the next step! This is for the lightworker who’s ready to activate their heart-centered vision with full force.

  • Initial 75-minute discovery call

  • Weekly 50-minute coaching sessions (12 in total)

  • Weekly action assignments

  • Two 30-minute bonus calls

  • One 45-minute Soul Alignment Session

  • Email + text support between sessions

  • And little surprises along the way!

The 6 Week Commitment

This is a wonderful path for those who are ready to amplify their new found spiritual awareness and begin work on releasing the blocks to fulfillment. You’ll enter into a judgment free space where you can share your secret desires and really unravel your fears. If you feel that flame of purpose growing brighter and you are ready to see where this path can take you, then this is the journey for you.

You will dive deeper into your awakening and learn more about what’s been keeping you stuck. Discover spiritual tools and perception shifts to guide you down your path. Expect those aha moments that bring a deeper sense of peace and joy into your life. It’s time to discover your calling and meet the real you.

  • Initial 75-minute discovery call

  • Weekly 50-minute coaching sessions (4 in total)

  • Weekly action assignments

  • A new best friend cheering for you as you grow and expand.

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“Before making the decision to do coaching with Meg I was apprehensive and fearful about taking the step forward. I thought “but what if this turns out to be the best thing I have ever done and changes my life?” Well, that’s exactly what happened

Bree Larson - Holistic Health Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I look forward to during my coaching with Meg?

I guide you to put the tools in place, bust through the blocks, and take the steps to create your most fulfilled version of reality. Whatever is on your heart, we will work together get you there. You can expect a multi-layered experience of addressing your body, mind, and purpose. Expect tons of support, accountability, and clear, focused takeaways.

What if I’m not super clear on what I truly desire, what my purpose is, or what’s holding me back?

That’s what I’m here for. We will work together to uncover limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs to uncover your core values and beliefs that light you up.

Can you help me to feel better physically so I can increase my cognitive functioning and improve my mood?

I’m a certified functional medicine coach in addition to being a life coach! If needed, I’ll work with you to create a customized self-care plan, including food plans, to get you feeling your best so you can think and perform at optimal levels.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I love payment plans. During your discovery call we will go over options and select the one that’s best for you.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I can not guarantee specific, exact results because everyone is different and has different goals and needs. However, I can tell you that if you show up and do the work, a shift in your reality will happen.

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions take place on Zoom or phone. So basically, anywhere!!

Next Steps

Apply now to work with Meg and start your transformational journey

A Final Note

Hi Love, before you go I want to share something with you. I used to be scared. I used to play the victim role. I used to think investing in myself was a luxury. I used to think a life coach was for someone who wasn’t “like me”. And then I came across a website similar to this and felt an instant connection to the soul on the other side. I knew I had to work with her. And so I did something crazy and reached out. I was scared, but I was so tired of feeling stuck in a rut and reliving the same patterns over and over again. I knew I needed help in releasing the patterns, breaking free of the blocks, and creating my best life. And so I simply reached out. And with that email life changed forever.

It was the catalyst to the transformation that led me to leave my 6-figure corporate job and become a coach myself. It was the leap that helped me to finally break-free and love my life so much that I sometimes get teary eyed over how grateful I am.

I want that for you too.

If you feel the urge. If you are even the least bit curious, reach out. If you feel the energy of our connection, reach out.

I want to make it so clear to you that nothing changes if you do not change. You are the creator of your reality. Whether or not it was consciously or subconsciously, something brought you here. You were pulled or drawn to this message for a very specific reason. What is it in your life that you are just so damn ready to bust through?

I encourage you to take the leap. What if this is the step that changes your life forever? You’ll never know until you reach out.

Investing in yourself can sometimes feel funny, especially if you’re used to bending over backwards for everyone except yourself - trust me, I know. Book a complimentary discovery call here to talk it out with me.

I adore you and your kind heart. I am in love with your spirit and your desire to put more love and positivity into this world. I honor you for seeking your true self. And I am beyond excited to meet you.

Much Love,