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  • Would you like to discover how your body is supposed to feel?

  • Have you dreamed of being in control of how you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically?

  • Are you ready to shift from scattered and unbalanced to vibrant and peaceful?

  • Do you want to know how to strengthen your intuition, mental clarity, and emotional health?

If you’re ready to transform your health, wellbeing & lifestyle...

You’ve come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Meg, and it’s my job to guide you to the ultimate expression of yourself. The love, the dream life, the health & vitality, the vision you have of your best self… think of me as your tour guide on the journey to THAT destination. I was put on this planet to act as a guiding light, a force to help you bust through the blocks while creating a mindset that helps you achieve your ultimate reality. I’m a Mindset Coach for high-level clients who are so done with the rut and ready to live life on their own, beautiful, heart-centered terms!

For years, I felt as though I was skimming through life, not fully participating in it. I battled health problems, like migraines, fatigue and acne. And I battled the inner demons of anxiety, mild depression, and a fear of never knowing what I would do with my life. I felt stuck and like I had no control of my life.

As cliche as it sounds, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I was so frustrated with knowing that I was meant for so much more, but having no clue how to get through my fear of not being good enough.

Until one day, I had an awakening. I had finally had enough. I cleaned up the pathways between my mind, body, and soul.

I became a master of my mind-body connection. I reframed the way I thought about food. I cleaned up my diet, fed myself real food and used it as medicine. Symptoms I had carried around for decades simply disappeared. But this wasn’t simply a shift in how I ate it was a shift in my mindset. I trained myself to where I was craving movement and healthy food. With my mind body pathway detoxed, I was able to think more clearly. My mood elevated. I even became so obsessed with functional nutrition that I became a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Next, I cleared out the clutter of limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that had disconnected me from true self. I hired a coach and we worked through my limiting beliefs. I’m not enough, Who am I to do this, and the Imposter Syndrome became fears of the past. I worked hard to transcend these beliefs, and because I saw such power in the spiritual tools and work I was doing I trained with Gabrielle Bernstein and completed both Level 1 and 2 of Spirit Junkie Master Classes. By completing a chain of small right actions, lots of meditation and self-love, and realizing that my thoughts create my reality, I left my 6-figure corporate job and am now a successful online Mindset Coach. By learning how to listen deeply to my soul, I transformed my life, and you can too.

I’m so proud of the complete transformation I made in my life. And through that transformation I allowed my purpose to find me. Because taking people through their own personal journey of transformation is what I was born to do.

This is why I teach my signature method, The Aligned Body Program. We’ll work together to align your mind, body and soul, so you can truly live the beautiful, vibrant, badass life you were meant to live.

When you release your blocks to well-being a transformation is inevitable.

The Aligned Body Method

Connecting the pathways between mind, body & soul.

We'll work together to release and revive each pathway so you can live your most thriving life. If you’re ready to up-level your game, I’m here to guide you through. I work with people wherever they are on their path. There is always room for continued expansion and I love to make it happen.

Together we will:


Over time, you have built up negative patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are corrupting your flow of energy and creating an undesired reality in one or more areas of your life. We’ll work together to excavate and release those patterns, which will create a energetic shift in your mindset and allow you to make space for what it is that you truly desire. Love, money, a purpose-driven all starts with the release of these blocks.


You’ll have tools and defined goals to guide you down your path of transformation. Some of these tools include holistic health modalities, including food protocols if necessary, energy healing, manifestation strategies and techniques, reprogramming your subconscious based off of YOUR core beliefs, and spiritual tools to help you connect deeply to your soul.


Due to the interconnectedness of the Mind, Body and Soul pathways, once an energetic shift happens in one area, a ripple effect is inevitable. Expect your life to unfold in ways that you used to only imagine. We will train your brain to know that when you say you will do something, it WILL happen. After our time together, you will have undergone shifts and will continue down your path of continued evolution and up-leveling!

Your 4 Month Package Includes:

  • A 75 minute welcome call to get clear on your goals and the areas of your life you are ready to transform.

  • 12, 50-minute private sessions with me

  • A follow-up after every session with tools and steps to keep you on track.

  • Welcome packet to help you bring focus and clarity on your goals during our time together.

  • Unlimited support M-F during business hours between our sessions via email, facebook messenger,


  • Two Bonus calls to use whenever you some extra love or support

  • My free cookbook to help you accomplish your mind / body goals.

  • Free access into any of my courses or events that I release during our time together.

Total Investment


Payment Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I look forward to during my coaching with Meg?

I guide you to put the tools in place, bust through the blocks, and take the steps to create your most fulfilled version of reality. Whatever is on your heart, we will work together get you there. You can expect a multi-layered experience of addressing your body, mind, and purpose. Expect tons of support, accountability, and clear, focused takeaways.

What if I’m not super clear on what I truly desire, what my purpose is, or what’s holding me back?

That’s what I’m here for. We will work together to uncover limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs to uncover your core values and beliefs that light you up.

Can you help me to feel better physically so I can increase my cognitive functioning and improve my mood?

I’m a certified functional medicine coach in addition to being a life coach! If needed, I’ll work with you to create a customized self-care plan, including food plans, to get you feeling your best so you can think and perform at optimal levels.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I love payment plans. During your discovery call we will go over options and select the one that’s best for you.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I can not guarantee specific, exact results because everyone is different and has different goals and needs. However, I can tell you that if you show up and do the work, a shift in your reality will happen.

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions take place on Zoom or phone. So basically, anywhere!!

Next Steps

Apply now to work with Meg and start your transformational journey

A Final Note

Hi Love, before you go I want to share something with you. I used to be scared. I used to play the victim role. I used to think investing in myself was a luxury. I used to think a life coach was for someone who wasn’t “like me”. And then I came across a website similar to this and felt an instant connection to the soul on the other side. I knew I had to work with her. And so I did something crazy and reached out. I was scared, but I was so tired of feeling stuck in a rut and reliving the same patterns over and over again. I knew I needed help in releasing the patterns, breaking free of the blocks, and creating my best life. And so I simply reached out. And with that email life changed forever.

It was the catalyst to the transformation that led me to leave my 6-figure corporate job and become a coach myself. It was the leap that helped me to finally break-free and love my life so much that I sometimes get teary eyed over how grateful I am.

I want that for you too.

If you feel the urge. If you are even the least bit curious, reach out. If you feel the energy of our connection, reach out.

I want to make it so clear to you that nothing changes if you do not change. You are the creator of your reality. Whether or not it was consciously or subconsciously, something brought you here. You were pulled or drawn to this message for a very specific reason. What is it in your life that you are just so damn ready to bust through?

I encourage you to take the leap. What if this is the step that changes your life forever? You’ll never know until you reach out.

Investing in yourself can sometimes feel funny, especially if you’re used to bending over backwards for everyone except yourself - trust me, I know. Book a complimentary discovery call here to talk it out with me.

I adore you and your kind heart. I am in love with your spirit and your desire to put more love and positivity into this world. I honor you for seeking your true self. And I am beyond excited to meet you.

Much Love,