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Those feelings you dream about - complete fulfillment, the knowingness that you are on the right path, and the excitement that comes with turning your passion into your work - it's what you're meant for. You know it. You feel it. You believe it.

Yet, you continuously find yourself in a loop of self-sabotage. No matter how hard you try you just can't seem to shake the fear-based thoughts and patterns that are holding you back from really going for it.

It's time to let go of what no longer serves you. Perfectionism, procrastination, and thinking you don't know enough are keeping you from shining your light. Let's work together to transcend the limiting beliefs so you can finally do what you were put on this earth to do.

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Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.


I'm Meg Sylvester

Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor

Years ago, I was standing in your shoes - in awe of the empowering thoughts and spiritual principles I had recently discovered and so hungry to learn more. I had finally started to see the glimmer of my purpose and was ready to take the next steps by diving deeper into my awakening and tapping into my full potential.

I had read tons of books on spirituality and self-development and I was ready to go all in. I knew I had to shed the limiting thoughts that were still holding me back from stepping fully into my purpose. I became dedicated to my spiritual growth. I hired a mentor. I took the classes. I went to spiritual retreats. And I committed to intense healing and really digging deep into my subconscious beliefs.

Bit by bit, I awakened to my truth. I learned how to hear my intuition and how observe and transcend the fear. And along the way realized I was pretty great at helping others to do the same. I was finally putting the pieces into place to turn my passion into my work. Through effort and dedication, I left my corporate job and began coaching. I had done it - I had finally found that sense of fulfillment I knew I was meant for, and could officially call myself a soulful entrepreneur.

This is what’s possible for you too, and I’m devoted to helping you break free from the stuff that keeps you stuck, so you can finally put your calling into action.

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The Praise

Before I started working with Meg, I felt frazzled and had a lot of emotional ups and downs. I knew I had a lot of potential, but I felt pulled in every direction. I didn’t know what actions to take to move forward with my business because i had built up so much resistance from all the previous unsuccessful efforts.

Meg has helped me identify and dissect the fearful thought patterns that kept me so resistant to doing my work and enjoying my life. She helped me bring awareness to the exact moments when my thoughts start to sabotage me and she has given me the tools to interfere and remain in a high vibration.

She was very tuned in to my specific needs during each session and her guided meditations provided insurmountable amounts of relief. I felt so light, grounded and confident in my own guidance. She is down to earth, light hearted and a beacon for unconditional love.

As a result of my work with Meg I have been able to find so much more joy in every day and every single action. I have found the pleasure and confidence in my work and I have strengthened my connection to Source and my guidance system. I no longer feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster, but instead I’m embracing the uncertainties of each day and building a solid foundation for my life and my faith.”

Visionary Artist
The Praise

"My life & business before Meg was very unorganized.

I had a very bad relationship with money and never was satisfied with how big or little my wins were in my own personal health & fitness coaching business.

Meg is such an amazing, organized, talented, & intelligent woman. She is a true boss-lady & rocking her entrepreneurship 10x.

I was looking for a coach like Meg for a long time. Someone who could not just assist me with my online business but someone who I could share my personal struggles with & not be worried about any type of judgment. She helps me work through the darkness when it seems to creep up & reminds me to celebrate my wins in life when I don't even realize they are a win sometimes.

Meg has changed my life and I am forever in her debt. She has a special healing power and technique that is truly unique and a heart of gold.

If I had to use 3 words to describe her they would be Magical, Powerful, & Assertiveness"

The Praise

"When I reached out to Meg, my business solely existed on seeing patients one on one. My ultimate goal was to help empower people on a more massive scale, but I didn’t know what this looked like, or how to pivot my dreams into a reality. From our first session, Meg possessed an amazing ability to dig deep into my psyche and was able to identify my true desires immediately. She helped structure my goals in ways that provided new inspiration and helped me focus on the things that really mattered for launching myself into even more of a soul fulfilling, purposeful, heart-centered space.

While I worked with Meg, our weekly sessions became a source of total nourishment for me. Our sessions varied greatly; we discussed marketing strategies, wrote website copy, created an Instagram feed, designed a Facebook page, and also found time to journal, laugh, and cry. She provided a healing space for me to dream big dreams and share my visions without fear. She listened in times of frustration and provided emotional support as needed. She is a powerhouse, a healer, and a truly creative genius.

Since working with Meg, I have released the self-limiting beliefs I once carried. I rise with purpose in my craft, knowing I do not have to be on one path only. In addition to my private practice, I am currently involved in a multitude of creative projects, including writing a book, co-hosting women’s retreats globally, and empowering people through sacred healing circles. I have accomplished more in the last few months working with Meg than in the last two years combined. If you are looking for true authenticity and are ready to catapult yourself into a new dimension, Meg is the ultimate visionary!"

Holistic Health Practitioner
The Praise

“Life before Meg looked like a big blur! I felt tired all the time. I had a hard time waking up on time in the morning, getting motivated throughout the day and I just wanted to come home and sleep all afternoon.

While I worked with Meg, she helped me find my energy! Meg taught me how to shift my mindset and learn how to set my intention for each day. We came up with a morning routine. My life journey with Meg was amazing! My husband still talks about how much my life changed since I worked with her!

As a result of my work with Meg I have a better sense of my body, more energy than I've ever had and my business is even more successful than I imagined. I'm a REALTOR in Virginia-- there were some days I'd get home and look at my voicemails and feel overwhelmed. Now, I keep up with a hectic schedule, answer phone calls, return phone calls and don't complain when things get overwhelming. It's all about setting your intention for each day. I've even picked up a few listings recently from clients that said they hired me to sell their homes because they felt good vibes coming from me each time we talked or met with each other. That makes me feel awesome! Meg taught me to be radiant and energetic.

I recommend working with Meg because she is an amazing motivator. She helped me understand that I could set my intention for the day. I was able to tell myself what I wanted and that I could follow through with that intention and make it reality. I gained so much knowledge and confidence in the months I worked with her. It's an experience I will never regret and worth way more than the investment! "

Real Estate Agent
The Praise

“Before my coaching with Meg, I was struggling with insecurities and an incredible fear of rejection. I thought my frustration and unhappiness was because I was fat (ladies, why do we say this to ourselves?). If I could just lose weight, then I’d be happier and I’d love my job more and all my relationships would probably improve... At the time, I was weighing myself multiple times a day. It was obsessive and cruel and not conducive to happiness. *Happiness is not your weight*

While I worked with Meg she helped me dig into the heavy stuff. You know, the feelings that make you want to hide and binge eat Christmas cookies till your stomach hurts while you cry in a closet because all you do is work, you don’t know how to set boundaries, or tell people, “No.” Meg helped me decide what I wanted and who I wanted to be.

She helped me set goals that not only mirrored my plans but that were achievable. And she checked in and held me accountable. She responded to my panicked text messages when situations threw me off my path. And she set me straight when I was sabotaging my own goals because they were big and I was scared.

Not only have I succeeded and made huge accomplishments at work and in my relationships as a result of her coaching and support, but I love myself. Like, really and truly love myself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful. ♥️ Keep your third eye on the prize.”

Angela Pierce
Real Estate Agent
The Praise

“Meg is one of those totally special people capable of changing lives because she truly cares about the welfare of others. She is smart, organized, focused, but most importantly tuned into you. In five sessions with Meg, I crafted a complete business plan, started journaling - something I have been putting off forever, developed goals which were accomplished within the 5 sessions - much to my amazement.

After each session I received a complete rundown of all we discussed and plans for the coming week. Her gift is knowing how much to push and when to be step back. She will not let you fail. She will offer many possibilities and allow you to select those which resonate with you. She is strong but soft, fun, lighthearted, intelligent and just a blast to work with. She will always be on your side and never let you down. That's MEG!”

Holistic Coach

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