About - Meg Sylvester

Welcome, Lightworker.

You're so ready to figure out what the heck is holding you back from making the purposeful impact you know you're meant for.

Well, I’ve got you.

Your instincts to dive deeper into your own growth, to gain clarity on your purpose, and to finally take aligned action is one of the smartest moves you'll ever make.

And it was for me too.

Back in 2013, I fell in love… with wellness.

Like you, I had this full-bodied reaction, a knowing that THIS was the bubbly passion and purpose I had spent years and years searching for.

It was a realization that arrived after experiencing a whole slew of symptoms like migraines, acne, digestive issues, and extreme fatigue.

Up until that point, I hadn’t given much thought to my health. In fact, my attention was primarily focused on the pursuit of my purpose. I remember always having this sense of panic that I would never discover my calling. In fact, I had practically traveled the world to find it—from Thailand to Spain to Prague.

Years passed by and I still felt aimless when it came to my purpose. I became a wife and mom and simultaneously poured my energy and drive into climbing the corporate ladder.

From the outside looking in, everything looked great. But deep in my heart, I knew that something wasn't right. As they say, your body is a messenger. And my body was desperately trying to tell me that my soul was sad.

My skin started breaking out, I couldn’t survive the day without 3 cups of coffee, and migraines would keep me in bed all weekend,. I was nearly incapable of enjoying time with my precious family.

Something had to change.

And when several doctors could not pinpoint the cause, I decided to take matters into my own hands. After research and reading, I discovered that diet contributed to many of my symptoms. So, I cleaned it up and to my amazement, the health issues I felt powerless to, cleared up. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

This is where I fell down the rabbit hole. And I discovered two things that completely changed my life: Gabby Bernstein’s book, The Universe Has Your Back and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Through my own health & wellness transformation, I realized my purpose: guiding others through a transformation of their own.

Ignited by my coaching certification and spiritual practice, I knew it was time to go all in. But something inside of me was holding me back. I was battling thoughts like Who am I to do this? Am I enough? Why should I do this if a million other people already have? And I had no idea how to start. I was confused and scared, but excited and hopeful.

So, I became dedicated spiritual growth and development. I spent months obsessively studying mindset and human consciousness. I became a student of spiritual teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda, Dr Wayne Dyer, and the Dalai Lama. I hired mentors to help me transform my fear based thinking into purpose-driven action. I worked with shamans and plant medicines. I unlocked my intuitive gifts as a channeller and clairvoyant. And finally met the real me.

For nearly a year I juggled corporate life with my passion for coaching. As the momentum grew, I finally took the leap, left my corporate job and officially launched my dream of being full-time entrepreneur.

After a few years of success as a Health Coach, I realized that where I shine greatest is giving my clients the spiritual tools and guidance they need to release the fear and ignite their purpose. I absolutely love guiding women through an awakening - leading them to their purpose and helping them to take those big, beautiful steps to start their spiritual business.

Today, I’m a Spiritual Life Coach for purpose-driven dreamers & lightworkers. I also host soulful events and spiritual retreats all around the world. I work with those who are ready to get unstuck and in motion towards creating a life that feels on purpose. Leveraging my background in positive psychology, spirituality, self-development, Functional Medicine, and building a soulful business, I use my intuitive and God-given gifts to help my clients transmute their limiting beliefs and take the action steps that lead to fulfillment of their calling. I’m ready to help you shine bright & build your spiritual business, my friend!

My Mission

To empower lightworkers to rise into their truth - raising the collective consciousness.

Education & Expertise

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Certification

  • Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Levels 1 & 2

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming Certificate

  • Marketing Strategy Certificate, Cornell University

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